Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Cloned iPhone X costs Chandler couple big:
Arizona. OfferUp. Knock off iPhones being sold online are actually Android phones. You can read more about it here as well.

Police: Teens shot attempting to steal during meetup to buy jewelry:
San Antonio, Texas. OfferUp. They’ll live.

Rural Brandon man arrested for apartment rental scam:
Iowa. 43-year-old Gregory Todd Selken is charged with allegedly renting an apartment he didn’t own on craigslist.

Man accused of sex trafficking girls out of a motel:
21-year-old Elijah Teel of San Antonio allegedly prostituted an underage girl on Backpage.

Man shot during Garfield Heights robbery arranged through OfferUp, police say:
Ohio. OfferUp. Victim shot in the hand.

Newark man falls victim to $3,400 Craigslist scam:
Delaware. Scammers used fake account on app to electronically transfer money to the victim. Probably Venmo if I had to guess.

Craigslist renters rent the same home:
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael Alan Hite accused of allegedly renting out a home he didn’t own to several people.

Police: Teens rob man during online marketplace exchange:
Flint, Michigan. Man robbed of Apple Watch during LetGo exchange.

Two teens accused of beating man with crowbar during robbery:
Columbus, Ohio. OfferUp.

41-year-old burnout accused of raping teen girl from VampireFreaks

Randall Roberts

Randall Roberts

41-Year-Old Man Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teen:

Man Accused Of Having Sex With Teenager, Growing 120 Marijuana Plants:

Before we get to the heart of the matter it’s time for me to clear things up with the media again about their choice of words. When a 41-year-old guy ‘has sex’ with an underage girl he’s not ‘having a relationship’ with her, he’s not ‘having sex’ with her and he’s not ‘having sexual contact’ with her. He’s raping her. It’s called statutory rape for a reason. So how about calling a spade a spade and not worrying about hurting the feelings of sex offenders by calling these scumbags what they are, rapists.

Anyway, 41-year-old Randall Roberts of Columbus, Ohio was arrested by federal investigators for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl that he met through the goth themed social site VampireFreaks. The girl’s father eventually found text messages from Roberts to his daughter. Eventually investigators were able to use the text messages to lure Roberts into a sting.

Before we get to the bonus parts of the story let me just say this. If you’re male and over 24 and still hanging out on VampireFreaks you are giving off a creeper vibe.

When police searched Roberts’ home they found a grow operation that consisted of 120 full-grown pot plants. But wait there’s more.

Roberts has another pending case involving the alleged rape of another 15-year-old girl.

For the most recent rape Roberts is looking at 10 years behind bars. While I am in no way a fan of weed the sad part is he’ll probably get more time for the drugs than he will for the rapes of two girls.

Ga. Breeder tried to put baby through table, killed her instead

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long

Columbus adoptive mom pleads not guilty in toddler’s death:

Mother accused of killing daughter pleads not guilty in court:

35-year-old Jennifer Long of Columbus, Georgia has been charged in the murder of her adopted 18-month-old daughter, Alexis Long. According to police Alexis threw a temper tantrum after a long trip. In return Long allegedly threw Alexis onto a wooden changing table. The impact was so strong the table was said to have splintered in the middle. After the impact Alexis was unresponsive and died after being airlifted to the hospital.

I want to illustrate the amount of force needed to make a table almost split in half and the only way I can think of doing that is with professional wrestling. Please humor me for a moment. Here’s a video where one wrestler throws another through a table at the 1:40 mark.

Now here’s my point. In professional wrestling those tables are what’s known as gimmicked. They are partially cut to try to make it easier for the wrestler to go through. However these men are in upwards of 300 pounds and still need tremendous force to go through the table. I’ve actually even seen some matches where the table did not break and the wrestler just bounced off the table. Not to mention they still can get injured whether the stunt works or not.

Now imagine the force it must have taken for someone to throw a toddler down on to a wooden table that caused the table to splinter in the middle like that. An average toddler weighs about 24 lbs. (10.8 kg), not the 250-300 lbs of a pro wrestler. The force that she must have used must have been almost superhuman to cause that kind of destruction.

Long has been charged with Alexis’ murder and is being held without bond. Her husband, Timothy Long, has been charged with second degree child cruelty and is out on $5000 bond.

And don’t think I’ve forgotten the fact that Alexis was adopted. Being adopted myself I know that being adopted is supposed to mean being given a second chance at life with loving parents. It doesn’t mean you can just slam your kids down on the furniture.

Of course Long has pleaded not guilty. If there was any justice in the world ‘they’ should see if she could survive something like this.

Thanks to Lara for the tip.

Buckeye Breeder accused of raping baby

Alleged baby raping bitch Ashley Jessup

(Take heart Ohioans. She’s originally from Michigan.)

Mother accused of raping baby son:

24-year-old Ashley Jessup of Columbus, Ohio has been arrested for ‘allegedly’ raping her 10-month-old son. I can’t believe I’m saying the phrase ‘as usual’ when it comes to a baby rape but as usual investigators say that she would record the rapes on video and send them to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan. From what I can tell Jessup is also from the Battle Creek area.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, exactly how she raped her son has not been made public to my knowledge. I don’t want to know how for jollies or shock value but to determine if the baby could have been injured and to what extent.

Jessup was busted when the boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was on his computer and found the videos. So far the boyfriend has not been charged as far as I know but he is being investigated. I can’t imagine that he won’t be charged. While I have read about it happening rarely does this happen without being solicited by the boyfriend first.

The baby is currently in custody of Jessup’s mother who is horrified at the charges. However the baby’s father, who is not the boyfriend, is currently trying to get custody.

Even if the boyfriend asked her to do this what woman would look at her baby boy, that she carried for 9 months and brought to life, and then violate him sexually just because her long distance vag-filler asked her to? If the boyfriend didn’t ask that makes it even worse.

She’s looking at a life sentence but the death penalty should be an option in cases of baby rape.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Quindell Sherman flung his baby 25 feet into the street

Quindell Sherman

Bail set at $2.5 million for man charged with killing baby son:

Police in Columbus, Ohio arrested 20-year-old Quindell Sherman for the brutal murder of his 3-month-old son, Jayden Mitchell.

Police say that Sherman got into a domestic dispute with his baby mama where he punched the boy’s mother along with her grandmother he grabbed his son and threw him down hard on a concrete landing. Then he allegedly flung the child about 25 feet into the street before dragging him around like a rag doll. Then he ran into an alley and slammed the boy down on the ground again. Police caught up to him as Sherman was in a dumpster standing on top of the 3-month-old boy.

This is one of those stories that would make most people cry imagining the horrific pain this poor infant must have gone through. Others will be enraged over the lack of basic human decency that this scumbag had for his own flesh and blood. Being as numb as I am I can only shake my head and wonder just what reason Sherman had to be so selfish that he would commit such a heinous and brutal murder against someone as defenseless as a small child.

I hate to repeat myself but Sherman is another scumbag that needs to be strapped to the side of a wrecking ball and slammed against the side of a building until he is nothing more than a red smear on both the wrecking ball and the concrete.

Rot in hell scumbag.

Thanks to MissLisa for the tip.

A different rat story

Three ‘let rats chew toes off baby’:

A lot of people sent me this story but I went with the Australian article not only because it had more information but also because the way they put it in their first paragraph.

Three people have been accused of endangering a child after rats bit a six-week-old girl and chewed off her toes at their cluttered US caravan home.

I’m not coming down on the Australian lingo I’m just fascinated with the way other countries phrase things even though we’re technically speaking the same language. They almost make it sound like the home was just slightly dusty.

Luckily I’m fluent in the Queen’s English. While a caravan can mean what we in The States call a camper it can also mean, which it does in this case, my favorite form of domicile, the trailer.

Anyway in American a six-week-old child that lived in a filthy trailer had her toes chewed off one of her feet by rats. Police were called to the trailer in Columbus, Ohio after they received an anonymous tip.

A married couple that lived in the trailer Joseph Gunter, 33, and Tina Gunter, 29 have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child as has the baby’s mother’s boyfriend, 18-year-old Todd Trent. The baby’s mother is said to be a juvenile and it’s unknown if she’s been charged.

The only thing missing from this story is meth.

Thanks to Matt, Becca and Astrobeck (possibly the best screen name ever).

Woman drives drunk, wrong way up Interstate with son in car

Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Drunk, With Toddler:

23-year-old Lindsey Thompson of Columbus, Ohio was arrested in Delaware, Ohio after driving the wrong way down I-71 after New Year’s Eve. She drove for 10-miles down I-71 the wrong way before being stopped by police. She was at least twice over the legal limit and was so drunk she couldn’t even take the field sobriety test.

She claimed that the reason she was driving the wrong way was partying in west Columbus and thought she was still in that part of town. Police also found cocaine in her car. And oh yeah police also found her 21-month-old son in the car.

Which leads me to wonder where her toddler son was while she was partying.

Luckily the child was unhurt and has been placed into the custody of Children Services.