Mom of NIU victim says no C&C on campuses

Ok, if you won’t listen to me about conceal and carry on college campuses (holy alteration Batman) will you listen to Mary Kay Mace? Who is she you ask? She is the mother of 19-year-old Ryanne Mace who was killed by Stephen Kazmierczak when he opened fire on Northern Illinois University in 2008.

In this piece from the Chicago Sun Times Ms. Mace discusses why she thinks C&C on campus is not the answer.

“I get offended when people say that. It’s like blaming the victim. If only she had a gun . . . or if she had outrun the bullets.” 

“To me, it’s crazy to have everybody carrying concealed,” Mace said. 

“I understand that there’s evil out there in the world. Nobody understands better than I do,” she said. “I understand wanting a gun for personal protection. I just don’t think that it works.”

Ms. Mace is more concerned with preventing people from mental issues like Kazmierczak from obtaining guns before we worry about allowing concealed guns on campus.

And again I think having C&C on college campuses would lead to more gun violence just with legally concealed weapons.

Trench on guns on campus


I’m going to make no bones about this. Allowing guns on college campuses is a stupid idea.

The logic is supposed to be that having guns carried by students will prevent another Virginia Tech. There are some major flaws in logic with that argument. The first is that Cho Seung-Hui legally purchased the guns that he used to commit the worst school shooting in American history. The second is that if students would be allowed to carry guns that they would be able to prevent a Virginia Tech style shooting and prevent innocent deaths. I’m a believer in the opposite that if students were allowed to carry guns on campus and a shooting broke out the return fire would probably injure or kill more students than it would potentially save. Not to mention with armed, emotional and mostly drunk college students that is just creating more Chos.

And armed society is not a polite society. Our society is armed but you’d have to be blind and dumb to think that we’re polite.