Trench addresses the Facebook Confederacy of Dunces


I know Facebook isn’t the apex of intelligent political discourse but I was shocked at the number of people, who I thought were smarter than that, defending the Confederate flag. Yes, I know it’s not the official flag of the Confederacy, stop being pedantic, and while you’re looking up the definition of pedantic you may want to look up the definition of eponym. So in this year 2015 Anno Domini, or Common Era if you will, let’s take a look of why the traitor’s rag is indefensible. That last part may be a bit of a spoiler.

African Slavery

The Civil War was about slavery. Deal with it. You can take your “War of Northern Aggression” state’s rights bullcrap and stick it up your Stonewall Jackson. The state’s right to own slaves maybe. Slavery was even a cornerstone of the Confederate constitution.

Just for grits and giggles let’s say that the war was not about slavery. That still brings us to our next point.


The symbolic start of Civil War was when Confederates fired upon the Federal Garrison at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. By modern standards, if a governor of any state decided to use his or her state’s resources to violently attack a federal military base would that not be looked upon as the act of a traitor? That was a rhetorical question, yes, yes it would.

On the losing side

The last time I checked Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant after the Battle of Appomattox. So by flying that flag, you’re celebrating the failure of an inferior army. You may as well fly the white flag of surrender in its stead.

So now that the Civil War is over let’s jump ahead about 100 years into the future, the 1960s to be precise. What did the flag stand for then?


In the 1960s the flag came back into prominence, for lack of a better term, in Southern states as a symbol of their opposition to the equal right’s movement. To put it more succinctly it was a state government-sponsored endorsement of racism. So it should come as no surprise that it’s been adopted by…

Hate Groups

klanIf the flag had any redeeming qualities at this point, which it didn’t, it lost any kind of legitimacy when it was widely adopted by hate groups like the Klan. Someone said to me on Facebook today that men carry out these actions but flags don’t. What that person doesn’t realize is that the flag was being used by those cowards as a symbol of fear and intimidation, some may even call it terrorism. This unfortunate jackass at right is what the flag has come to stand for.

However this is the United States, you have the right to fly that flag as much as you want and I support your right to do so. It will be an indicator on which moronic troglodytes I need to avoid.

Another Confederate Controversy


Here’s where I get called a liberal, a Yankee, and usually some other unflattering comments, which usually show off the ignorance of the commenter.

Confederate flag causes flap:

So this kid from a little Podunk town in North Carolina attends college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He buys two confederate flags at a Virginia gift shop. He displays one in his window and then says that he didn’t think it would be a problem? In the essence of fairness here is his argument.

The flag’s owner says it’s about pride.

People don’t get upset about the Rebel flag in King, N.C., he says.

The town of about 7,000 people, and “about 97 percent white,” Montgomery says, are used to seeing it hanging in front of neighbors’ houses.

The flag comes second – after the American flag, before the state flag – in the town’s annual parade.

To Montgomery, the flag means rolling hills and lush Carolina valleys. It means King, where he knows everyone and everyone knows him.

It’s collard greens, grits with butter and a friendly wave from a front porch as you drive by, he says.

It’s the South he knows and loves.

“When I look at it, I think of home.”

First off I think flying the Confederate flag before the state flag of North Carolina is doing a great disservice to North Carolina. Basically what you’re saying is that a defunct, anti-abolitionist, segregationist and some would even say a seditious country is better than what North Carolina is today. I may just be a “Yankee transplant” but I love North Carolina and I’m damn proud to make it my home. And it’s all these rebel flag waving hicks that make it look bad to the rest of the country. And if you want to bring something with you that reminds of you of home bring a banner from Duke or N.C. State or God forbid…Chapel Hill.

Now the opposing opinion, which I happen to agree with.

The “Southern Cross” rose to post-Civil War prominence around the turn of the 20th century, at the same time many Reconstruction-era reforms were being eroded by Southern state governments, he says.

It rose again during the 1960s, when those opposing the Civil Rights movement used it as a symbol of defiance against the federally mandated integration of schools.

The Strom Thurmond-led Dixiecrat party adopted it when it broke from the Democrats during the early stages of the Civil Rights struggle.

So have countless white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan.

“As a historian, I find it difficult to untangle the symbol from racial inequality,” Jones says. “To say this flag isn’t linked to slavery – That’s a historically inaccurate statement if we’re honest about it.”

And let’s not leave out that the Confederacy lost. Now, this kid has every Constitutional right to display the flag if he so chooses. However, common sense dictates that if you do choose to display the flag there is going to be controversy. Personally, I think the south has every right to be proud. I love the south. I extol its virtues on almost a daily basis. What they should not be proud of is the Confederacy. If you want to have a universally recognized flag of southern pride then maybe y’all should get together and design a new one. Because the old one is nothing to be proud of.

Redneck Monday

I just love theme days.

South Caldwell students can wear attire that includes rebel flag:

A local high school banned attire that contained the confederate flag. Well, all the rednecks were so up in arms about it they repealed the ban. As usual, the excuse they give is they want to celebrate their southern heritage. I saw this on a local news channel too. You should have seen the people who were wearing these t-shirts. Trailer park trash every last one of them. So not only is the confederate flag the flag of racists, rednecks, and losers, it’s now officially the flag of white trash everywhere. Wear it with pride. This is why people from every other part of the country think everyone from the south is a toothless illiterate bumpkin.


According to Stone Cold has been involved in another domestic dispute. This time by pushing down his current girlfriend injuring her hands and knees. You can also check it out at The Smoking Gun. The WWE should not put him on TV for a while. The first time this happened I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but now it’s obvious he has a problem. So personally I think the WWE should fire his ass on the spot. I have no tolerance for women beaters. It just shows how much of white trash pussy he is. And go figure, his new t-shirt being sold by the WWE has a confederate flag on it. There’s another one to be proud of.

Why not just wear the Nazi flag?

Suspended ‘Dixie chicks’ defend attire:

Cute play on words CNN has going on there. Anyway, 35 South Carolina high school students were suspended for wearing a t-shirt that shows chickens hatching from eggs decorated with the Confederate flag and says”Southern chicks, better than the rest”. The student interviewed by the AP said…

“I had no idea in the world anyone would be offended by this,”

Oh, I don’t know. How about Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Catholics, and anyone else the Klan finds questionable? That’s who would be offended by it.

Talk all you want about Southern Pride. When you say that and display a Confederate Flag along with it it’s like saying “White Power”. If you want to be proud of your Southern heritage that’s fine, but that flag has stood for slavery since its inception and has been adopted by racist and white supremacist hate groups.

In the eyes of the rest of the country, you’re just enforcing an old stereotype that people from the south are racist rednecks. Be proud that you’re from the south but be ashamed of its past transgressions.

You Lost…get over it


Ok, so I’m reading an article in the local news rag (The Charlotte Disturber) about a local high school student who got suspended once for having the Confederate flag in the back window of her truck and then got in trouble again for wearing the Confederate flag on her t-shirt. This got me to thinking about how both sides of this argument are so very wrong.

Let me first dispel some rumors about the south. Of all the many years I’ve spent in the south I have seen fewer instances of racial hate crimes on the news, than all the years I lived in the northeast. Rednecks exist in every state north or south. Just go to Millville New Jersey sometime. And it’s not just a southern thing either. I have seen many a confederate flag flying in the state of New Jersey.

Now to the issue at hand. Some southerners cling to the notion that the Confederate flag shows pride in their southern heritage. Now I have no problem with people being proud of where they came from. Which is why I wear my New Jersey Devils hockey jersey every chance I get, but I digress. But I see three problems with flying that flag. One, um….hello, the civil war is over, you lost, get over it. I mean it’s like flying a flag that says “Hey we’re proud that we lost”. Secondly, unfortunately, hate groups like the KKK and neo-nazi skinheads (not all skinheads are neo-nazis) have taken the flag as their own. So now most of the country views the flag as a symbol of racism. Hell, I even used to have the confederate flag t-shirt from when Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” was popular but I wouldn’t dare wear it today. No matter how much you try to justify that it’s not a symbol of racism it’s too late. The swastika is also an American Indian symbol. But since World War II not too many tribes have been using it. Thirdly it’s not even the true flag of the Confederacy. It is the Confederate Navy Jack. The true 1st flag of the Confederacy looks like this…



But that’s still a Confederate flag. My suggestion to you is if you want to show your southern pride, come up with a new flag instead. And please for the love of God stop requesting “Freebird” on the radio.