Still no arrest in Connecticut craigslist killing

Family frustrated after no arrests in Craigslist murder:

Murder victim Felix DeJesus

How sad is it that a craigslist murder took place and it escaped my attention. I probably got it mixed up with one of the other several dozen. What’s even more sad that in that time no one has been brought to justice for the death of Felix DeJesus.

Felix DeJesus, of Hartford, Connecticut, was engaged to be married and a father of two young children. Her was selling two tablet computers on craigslist. Normally he would meet the buyers in public but this buyer said that he didn’t have a car so Felix felt sorry for him according to his fiance and the mother of his children. Sounds like a genuinely nice guy. Unfortunately someone took advantage of Felix’s big heart.

Felix was shot and killed while still sitting in his car. Hartford police have a person of interest but no arrest has been made in the year since Felix’s murder. Hopefully it’s just a case of the police dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s. I hope that Felix’s killer is brought to justice soon.

If you’re selling something on craigslist I would advise you not to. If you decide to anyway I would recommend meeting the buyer at the local police station. That should weed out a lot of potential threats.

Scott Shefelbine appeal for new trial denied again

Tolland Sex Offender Loses Appeal:

Scott Shefelbine

Scott Shefelbine

The most prolific sex offender in the MySpace era, in my opinion, is back in the news again. Scott Shefelbine was arrested over a dozen times for charges relating to MySpace and underage girls. I think you can connect the dots. Each time his parents would pst his bail including putting up their home and business. Eventually a judge got smart to Shefelbine’s habit and revoked his bond.

Back in 2008 Shelfelbine entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 20 years back in 2008. Since that time he’s been trying to have his guilty plea withdrawn. He had an appeal for new trial rejected once before in 2012. 2014 was no different as Shefelbine had his appeal new trial rejected once more.

Considering this is a guy who would search for new victims even after he was arrested he should consider himself lucky that he got a 20 year plea deal. Come on Scoot, you only have 14 years left. Stick it out like trooper won’t you?

Back in the day I was hoping he would have gone to trial because he was looking at a life sentence.

Your latest Kik Kreepers


In Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, investigators there have arrested 27-year-old Melvin Rivera Gonzalez for allegedly using messaging app Kik to solicit sex from a 15-year-old girl. That girl turned out to be a federal investigator. The middle school he worked for reported him for allegedly using Kik to lure a student.

In Glastonbury, Connecticut, police there arrested 24-year-old Mijael Fabian for allegedly using Kik to communicate with a 12-year-old girl. Unfortunately in this case police weren’t involved until it was too late. Fabian is accused of meeting with the girl and having ‘inappropriate sexual contact’. As opposed to appropriate sexual contact with a 12-year-old. Fabian wasn’t caught until the victim’s mother found explicit photos on her daughter’s cell phone.

As I’ve said previously to parents, I would recommend checking your kids’ phones for apps like Kik. It’s up to you what to do if you do find them but it my opinion no 12-year-old should have any kind of messaging apps on their phone. If it was my child they wouldn’t be allowed to download any app without my say so.

Did you know that predators attack through social media?

Edwin Arpi

Edwin Arpi

Predators attack via social media:

There’s your no shit Sherlock headline of the year. This article is not about how sexual predators in general use social media to find their victims. I would think that readers of my site are already well aware of that danger. The article is really about one alleged predator in particular.

Early this past week police in Hamden, Connecticut arrested 21-year-old Edwin Arpi. Arpi is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl that he met online. The article did not state what website was used but Connecticut is no stranger to online predators going back to the heyday of MySpace. The victim says that Arpi assaulted her, choked her and threatened to kill her all in his car.

If your child is online and using social media you have to educate yourself to be smarter than them. Know what sites they’re using. Ask about their online friends. Get their passwords. Check their internet history. Set ground rules and if they’re not followed don’t be afraid to cut them off. Your kids’ safety is more important than their social status among their friends. In other words be their parent and not their buddy.

What woman would submit to a craigslist ‘medical exam’?

David E. Anderson

David E. Anderson

Man accused of recruiting women through Craigslist for fake medical exams:

Salisbury man charged with child porn, secretly taping women:

Cops: Wife uncovered med scam:

44-year-old David E. Anderson of both Salisbury, Mass. and Newtown, Conn. was arrested last month for allegedly luring women on craigslist to submit to his medical exams and secretly recording these violations. In case you were wondering Anderson is not a medical professional.

Investigators say that Anderson would post fliers and ads on craigslist promising women $25-$50 if they would allow themselves to be examined by medical students, but first they would need to undergo a very invasive exam by Anderson. Supposedly Anderson went as far as to purchase legitimate medical equipment to make the ruse seem more authentic. He may have as many as 20 victims for this scam alone spanning several years. This happened in Salisbury, but wait, there’s more.

In Newtown Anderson was arrested in November for allegedly secretly recording his underage female relatives in various states of undress. It doesn’t get much more creepy than that. Also let’s throw in that he’s being charged with having additional child porn on his computer.

Does the majority of the country really have the collected mentality of an 8-year-old where they believe everything online is true? I bet they think they’ll really get that free iPad if they click on the flash ad too.

Use your brains people. Craigslist is filled with nothing but scam artists, thieves and predators. You’d be safer doing business with the mob.

Facebook predator gives girls weed and booze before raping one of them


Facebook ‘friend’ accused of sex assault:

Again with ‘sex assault’ and not rape, but I digress.

25-year-old David Atia-Osorio of Trumbull, Connecticut has been arrested for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl that he met on Facebook.

Using the alias ‘David Escobar’ he promised the girl weed and booze if he’d meet her at a Dunkin’ Donuts. The girl decided to being a friend who was 15-years-old. After the pair met ‘Escobar’ they went back to his place to partake in his promised contraband.

The 15-year-old eventually passes out and when she comes to she sees him ‘forcibly having sex with her friend’ as the article calls it. Real people who aren’t bound by the AP style book would call that rape. The 15-year-old screams and Atia-Osorio stops what he’s doing and drops the girls off at a local store.

It took police over a year to finally catch him simply because he used a fake name and the girls could not identify where he lived. Police say that Atia-Osorio admitted getting the drunk and high and having sex with the 17-year-old but denied raping her. Maybe this assclown thinks that date rape isn’t like rape rape. That’s how some of these scumbags think. It’s too bad scum like this are separated from the general; prison population then he’d find out what it’s like to be the victim without being drugged.

Scott Shefelbine appeal for new trial denied

Scott Shefelbine

Scott Shefelbine

Judge Rejects New Trial For Shefelbine On Sex Assault Charges:

In my estimation Scott Shefelbine was the most prolific MySpace predator with 13 arrests for various offenses that involved MySpace and underage girls. The last we had heard from Mr. Shefelbine he was appealing his 20-year-sentence. He claimed that not only did he have ineffective counsel but that prosecutors violated his plea agreement by charging his mom with perjury. Today a Connecticut judge denied his motion for a new trial.

In his decision the judge not only ruled that Shefelbine’s attorneys acted in his best interest but that the terms of his plea agreement said that his mom would not be charged with crimes related to Shefelbine’s many assaults. His mom perjured herself when she vouched for her son’s whereabouts. Shefelbine was arrested many times after his initial arrest and continued to offend until his bond was finally revoked.

Part of me was actually hoping that Shefelbine would have gone to trial since he was looking at a life sentence rather than 20 years.

Craigslist child pimp caught trying to have witness killed


Inmate charged in murder-for-hire attempt:

I originally posted about Matthew P. Lallis here. Back in 2010 in Groton, Connecticut Lallis was busted for allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old girl on craigslist. He’s also accused of having sex (child rape) with the girl and making her tell people she was 16 as that’s the age of consent in CT.

As if that wasn’t enough now he’s in even more trouble for allegedly trying to have witness killed so they wouldn’t testify against him. Authorities in Connecticut say that Lallis tried to have the witness killed while he’s in jail awaiting trial on the child prostitution charges. He’s now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

To me that’s an admission of guilt on the child prostitution charges. Oh well, whatever keeps this scumbag in jail longer.

NJ MySpace creeper gets no jail time and does not have to register

mcsheader2+copyIn New Jersey’s defense the crime did take place in Connecticut but people of all states should be horrified by the lack of holding a criminal responsible in this case.

Back in 2009, Mervin R. Laparre III of Cliffwood, NJ was arrested in Montville, Conn. for meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex that he met over MySpace. Except the 15-year-old girl was actually an undercover police officer.

In a plea deal  *spit* Laparre was recently sentenced to 5 years probation and won’t have to register as a sex offender even though he thought he was meeting a 15-year-old girl for sex.

Did I mention Laparre is married? Not that it matters because supposedly his family has forgiven him. Suckers. Guys like this can never be ‘rehabilitated’. It’s more than high time that the legal system starts showing these scumbags that this is no joke. Unfortunately it seems that prosecutors are going in the exact opposite direction.

Man arrested for pimping out girl on casual encounters

Thomas Napolitano

Thomas Napolitano

Police: Tolland Man, Teen Advertised Prostitution Services on Craigslist:

Man, teen netted in prostitution sting:

Batboy over there is 25-year-old Thomas Napolitano of Tolland, Connecticut. He was arrested in Coventry, Conn. for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist.

But Trench, I hear you say, how is that possible since craigslist got rid of adult/erotic services worldwide? That’s because Napolitano allegedly posted 46 ads in the casual encounters section of craigslist. You know, the unmoderated and still free section of craigslist.

Again I call on craigslist to either moderate the casual encounters section or get rid of it all together because the community policing is obviously not working.