DC Area mall cop accused of being backpage child pimp

Not the mall cop in question

Not the mall cop in question

Mall security guard charged with pimping teen girls:

Allegedly 25-year-old Cooper Kweme of Arlington, Virginia has been charged with allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

According to the FBI Kwispy Kweme posed as a teenage girl on Tagged.com, which is an even lower rent Myspace-like site, in order to recruit the girl. After he revealed himself to be male he allegedly told her that he was a real cop and that his Tagged profile was the profile he used to catch online predators. Speaking of police we should call the irony police on that one.

So he had sex (child rape) with the girl before prostituting her out on backpage where he would pay the extra fee to keep the ad high on backpage’s listings.

After his arrest he told investigators that he would also use his position as mall cop to try to recruit others for his ‘escort service’.

So not only is backpage doing noting to combat child prostitution on their site, they’re also collecting money for it to happen more often.

I also recommend reading the entire criminal complaint. It makes for very interesting yet disgusting reading.