Couple found guilty in craigslist murder of Abilene police officer

Couple convicted of murder of Abilene police officer amid doubts of intent

Phillip and Violet Walter

Last week, Violet and Phillip Walter have been convicted in the murder of Abilene, Texas, police officer Don Allen, in his Clyde, Texas, home. Both Walters have been sentenced to 40 years behind bars for Officer Allen’s killing.

Officer Allen’s official cause of death was asphyxiation. Allen had placed a craigslist ad looking for a couple to help commit sex acts that included pegging, (WARNING: Explicit) and communication between Allen and the Walters seem to insinuate that erotic asphyxiation was on the table as well. The deputy medical examiner testified that an accidental death by erotic asphyxiation couldn’t be ruled out. Prosecutors argued that the Walters discussed plans to rob Officer Allen before his death occurred.

APD officer Tim Pipes read a series of text messages sent between Violet and Phillip on the day of Allen’s death. They showed Violet telling Phillip to find a way to get money to prevent impending homelessness and hunger. They then showed that Violet set up a meeting with a person referenced as “Clyde lick.” A Ranger testified earlier in the case that “lick” is slang for a robbery or the victim of a robbery. Another text message from Violet to Phillip says, “Choke him,” with another sent hours before Allen’s death saying, “Take him out all the way, just do it.”

Officer Allen’s death should serve as a warning to others looking to get their rocks off through craigslist. If a police officer isn’t safe from craigslist criminals, neither is anyone else. With craigslist’s low barrier of entry and implied notions of anonymity, crimes like these will only continue to occur.

Abilene cop latest victim of craigslist killing

Phillip and Violet Walter

Phillip and Violet Walter

The body of 27-year-old Abilene, Texas police officer Don Allen was found in his home on August 31st of this year. According to recently released court documents Allen had placed an ad on the craigslist personals that one local media outlet called too explicit for publication. Investigators believe that his alleged killers, Violet and Phillip Walter, responded to the ad. The cause of death has not yet been released but the motive may have been a simple robbery as the pair were allegedly caught pawning some of Allen’s possessions. The pair have been charged with first-degree murder.

My prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Officer Allen.

I’ll post more details as they become available.

UPDATE 10/8/2015: Officer Allen’s cause of death has officially been listed as strangulation in the act of homicide. Also the Walters were said to have allegedly been in possession of some of Officer Allen’s police gear and that his service pistol is still missing.

UPDATE 2/4/2016: Violet Walter has been released on bond after her bond was reduced from $600,000 to $75,000.

UPDATE 2/17/2016: Phillip Walter’s bond has not been reduced.

173 cops were killed in the line of duty last year and you don’t care


Report: 173 law enforcement officers killed on duty in 2011:

In the last days of 2011 a statistic was released that said 173 local and federal police officers were killed in the line of duty as of 12/28/2011. That’s 173 men and women with friends, families and colleagues. That’s 173 people who were murdered while doing the thankless job of protecting our safety and well-being. And as the kids say, not a single fuck was given that day. But you pepper spray one spoiled white kid and it prompts a national week of outrage. And by now you should know those spoiled brats had it coming.

The police in our country are basically another branch of the military. They fight for domestically what those in our armed services fight for abroad. That being the protection and well-being of the citizens of the United States no matter what your conspiracy laden mind might have you believe. So why is no one protesting in the name of the violent deaths of these police officers?

It’s because most of you don’t give a shit. Most of you see police as some kind of nuisance. A lot of you think freedom means that you should be able to drive 120 mph through a school zone while drunk or that you should be able to share a bowl with your 7-year-old and that the cops are just there to harsh your buzz. But when someone breaks into your house, steals your cell phone or Burger King won’t serve you a Big Mac they’re the first people you call.

Much like the prevailing selfish attitude in America you only care about the police when they can do something for you and if 173 people die because of it so be it.