31 and 13 both say they’re 16

Man Arrested After Meeting 13-year-old Girl on MySpace:

31-year-old Corey Hubbard of Valdosta, Georgia was arrested after taking a 13-year-old girl from canton, Georgia he met on MySpace to a hotel. Here’s the mileage in case you were wondering.

Both we’re pretending to be 16-year-olds on MySpace. In case you were wondering again 16 is the age of consent in Georgia.

Investigators said the two ended up at a Canton motel in the middle of the night. Officers said fortunately, the young girl had second thoughts. Investigators said Hubbard paid for a room, but just before going inside, the girl told Hubbard that she needed to make a phone call.

“She text messaged her friend and her father called back and told her to get to the hotel manager’s office,” said Sergeant Baker.

Pryush Patel, the hotel manager who called 911 said, “She told me she was here with someone and she was scared.”

When authorities arrived at the hotel, the girl was reunited with her parents and Hubbard was arrested.

Luckily the girl had second thoughts or else we might be talking about this as a missing child story…

“This turned out pretty good considering the items we found in the trunk, a knife, rope, rubber gloves and a cooler,” said Sergeant Baker.

It sounds like they might have been finding this girl in 5 different counties.

Again parents, if you ever needed any more incentive to monitor your kids’ internet activity this should be it.