KC MO man charged in Facebook child porn blackmail scheme


34-year-old Corey McKinley and a 16-year-old female accomplice have been charged in federal court with allegedly blackmailing a 30-year-old man. Here’s how the scheme allegedly went down. It’s a real mess so follow closely.

Under McKinley’s direction the 16-year-old girl approached the man on Facebook claiming to be 17 which is the age of consent in Missouri. The guy met the girl and had sex and when they met again McKinley storms in and told the guy the girl’s real age and then blackmailed him.

As I’ve said before blackmail is one of the more idiotic crimes because in my opinion the victims are more than likely to go to police as the did the victim in this case.

When police arrested McKinley and the girl they not only found pictures of the girl and the guy having sex on the girl’s cell phone but they also found pics of the girl and McKinley allegedly having sex.

It seems that Facebook is becoming more like MySpace everyday with the anonymous hook ups that end up with trouble. Stop thinking with your dicks guys. It never works out.