Chicago man accused of raping Backpage escort

Cortrell Grant

Cortrell Grant

23-year-old Cortrell Grant, of Chicago, is accused of raping an escort that he ordered on Backpage.

Before we get into the crime itself I have to chide the Chicago Sun-Times for using the terms ‘sexual assault’ and ‘having sex’ when what allegedly happened was clearly rape. In my opinion to not call the crime what it really is lessens the impact of what really happened. Tell me if this sounds like ‘having sex’ to anyone…

Both men sexually assaulted her repeatedly and the other man—who has not yet been charged—took her cell phone and keys, prosecutors allege.

Grant continued having sex with the woman while the other man went to ransack her car, but Grant stopped and ran when he heard a noise, prosecutors said.

Not sex, rape. I can’t even imagine the horror that the victim had to endure not knowing if she was going to live or die while repeatedly being violated.

Secondly I want to address the Backpage issue with this crime. A number of sex workers who claim they’re ‘consenting adults’ say that websites like Backpage make it safer for them. Again in my opinion it does not, as has been shown here it only delivers victims to where potential rapists want them. Am I saying that the victim deserved what she got? Not at all and only the most ardent supporters of the consenting adult myth would ever believe that. However by telling yourself that Backpage makes it safer for prostitutes then you’re just fooling yourself.