Fake heart attack #2

It's the big one!

It’s the big one!

So the other day at work I had my 2nd fake heart attack. I call it a fake heart attack because it feels like I’m having one but it isn’t.

I was on the phone with a client when all of a sudden I felt immense pain in my rib cage in both sides and in my back. I didn’t flinch while I was on the phone and I was proud of that. The pain then also went into my neck and my jaw.

Didn’t go to the ER though. The reason I didn’t go is because this happened once before. Labor day weekend of, i want to say 2007, I had the same kind of attack on my way to my wife’s family reunion. No it wasn’t a trick to get out of going. Anyway I pulled over and let Jade drive. Jade will tell you that is something I never do. EVER. We got to the ER, I told them I had chest pains and they took me back, They gave me a nitro pill and the pain went away immediately. They poked and prodded and as far as they can tell I did not have a heart attack. However they wanted to do a heart catheter on me to make sure there were no problems.

Again this was the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend. I said “Great, how soon can we get this done?” They said not until Tuesday because all the doctors were on vacation. So I was trapped in the hospital for four days  just waiting around because God forbid they should bother a doctor on Labor Day weekend to do a heat catheter.

So Tuesday comes around and they do the procedure and they found nothing wrong. I was discharged from the hospital without them telling me anything.

What I think it is that I’ve previously been diagnosed with a disorder known as Costochondritis. Mostly it’s just annoying but occasionally it can remind me that it’s way more than annoying. The other reason I know it’s not a heart attack is because my ribs are very sore right now. I feel like I’ve been beaten in the ribs with a baseball bat. Not a cricket bat, that feels different.

Anyway, long story short (too late) I’m fine.