We get letters: Give CPS a break

I got the following message from one of my Facebook friends about CPS.

I am a huge fan of Bad Breeders. However, I work for CPS, it is very rewarding work and we do a lot of good things. But your site only bashes us. You have no idea what it takes to do what I do, you just write about it. Ill continue to read your stories, because it interests me, but I could do without you putting us down all the time.

I think she’s right too. CPS is one of those positions where the majority of the people who work there who try to do the job well and get their reputations tarnished by those who are in the profession only to collect a paycheck.

I’ve used this analogy before but CPS workers are like plane crashes. You never hear about the thousands of planes that fly safely every day. You only hear about the ones that crash. Much like how you never hear about CPS workers that do their job and actually help children. You only hear about the ones that screw up. Unfortunately when a CPS worker makes their way to our site that means they screwed up royally to the equivalent of a plane crash full of puppies that burnt down an orphanage.

So not all CPS workers are deserving of our wrath and scorn. A lot of them do great work in order to help the children with the limited funding and staffing they get.