Man turned out teen on backpage, kept her hooked on crack


Man accused of sexually assaulting, trafficking teen:

Man charged with sexual assault of a child:

In San Antonio police arrested 38-year-old Robert Parton for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. Some other reports have stated the girl’s age as 15. Police say that Parton not only supplied her with crack for ‘sexual favors’ but that he also turned her out on the Village Voice Media owned

The victim referred to Parton as her boyfriend of course. Parton would also take the money the girl made to buy more crack to give to the girl. That may be the most disgusting vicious cycle I’ve ever heard of.

Yet this is the type of person, and I use that term loosely, that backpage and VVM say has a first amendment right to post ads on their site in order to exploit underage girls.

Megan Waterman’s boyfriend arrested again

Megan Waterman missing flier.

Missing Craigslist escort’s boyfriend faces drug charge:

I originally posted about Megan Waterman here. She’s the woman and mother from Maine who went missing while working as a craigslist escort on Long Island.

Her pim…uh…traffick…I mean boyfriend, 20-year-old Akeem Cruz, was arrested in South Portland, Maine for being in possession of 13 rocks of crack.

Cruz, so far, is not a suspect in Megan’s disappearance.

Whether Cruz had any involvement in Megan’s disappearance I couldn’t tell you. However when women are being trafficked like I believe Megan was any number of people could have caused her disappearance and not just her trafficker or pimp.

So that’s why it’s called crack

lfilmoreMan hid cocaine in his buttocks, cops say:

That’s Leroy Fillmore of Tampa, Florida. He was arrested during an undercover drug deal in which he brought two of his kids too.

when police arrested him he tried hiding his crack in his ass. I guess because no one has ever hidden drugs there before. That was sarcasm. That’s like hiding a joint in a cigarette pack, it’s the first place police look.

The kids have been placed with their grandmother.

Woman arrested after crack found in 3-year-old

West Bank woman arrested after cocaine found in her 3-year-old son’s system:

28-year-old Heather Bubrig allegedly rented a motel room in Marrero, Louisiana so she could go on a crack binge. Apparently she felt in necessary to take her 3-year-old son along with her. When police came to the hotel to arrest her on outstanding warrants they said the child “reeked of a foul odor”. Sometime during the weekend the boy ingested some of the crack.

If you take even one hit of crack and you have kids you’ve already failed as a parent.

Thanks again to Calvena for the tip.

Second hand crack

Couple accused of exposing 2-year-old daughter to drugs:

Toddler in Titus Co. TX exposed to crack:

Ricky Dale Velin, 36, and his wife Bridget Mae Velin, 33, of Titus County, Texas have been arrested on felony child abuse charges after their 2-year-old daughter tested positive for cocaine.

It turns out the girl inhaled the smoke from all the crack smoking that was going on.

Now I’ve been in some pretty smokey rooms in my day because of cigarette smoke and it usually takes a great deal of smoke to get a room that way. It makes me wonder just how much crack they smoked.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Nothing says parenting like smoking crack in front of your kids

Police say mother used drug in front of child:

26-year-old Jennifer Alexander of Bradenton, Florida was arrested after a witness saw her smoking crack in front of Alexander’s own 2-year-old daughter. Alexander admitted to police that she was a cocaine addict like that’s supposed to make it better.

I’ll never understand how people get hooked on crack. First off it’s named after part of your ass. Secondly with all the stories that have been told over the years about crack why would anyone say “Ooh, that’s for me”?

Check out the mugshot too while you’re at it. Kind of like the textbook definition of crackhead.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Crooks deals crack

Salon owner faces drug, weapons charges:

25-year-old Carlton Crooks of Bridgeport, Conn runs a hair salon. That may be just a side gig after his lucrative career as a crack dealer.

Crooks (apt name) and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Emily Rios, have been arrested for srug dealing and having a cache of illegal weapons in reach of their kids.

Officers then searched his apartment — where he lived with Rios and their son — where they found a loaded MAC 11 assault weapon, two handguns, $5,200 in a safe, packaging materials several ounces of cocaine and crack cocaine.

“All three firearms were found fully loaded with a round in the chamber, not secured with gun locks and easily accessible by anyone in the apartment,” police said.

It’s a good thing that Crooks and Rios have been arrested now as I’m sure we would have read about them in the future with their son either accidentally shooting himself or ingesting the crack. At least this way the kids has half a chance.

Thanks to Heather for the tip.

You can’t spell crackpot without ‘crack’


Gary Webb, reporter who exposed CIA, dies:

I love how the headlined says “exposed” but later in the article, it says he was disproved but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Gary Webb, the reporter who accused the CIA of selling crack on the streets of L.A., was found dead of a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound to the head. I put self-inflicted in quotes because I’m sure the TFH’ers will be mourning one of their own by claiming the CIA assassinated him.

The most telling quote is this…

Major parts of Webb’s reporting were later discredited by other newspaper investigations. An investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department found no evidence of a connection between the CIA and the drug traffickers.

So let me tell it to you straight kids. The CIA did not sell crack to fund the Contras or to keep the black man down. Thanks to Mr. Webb we have one more excuse for people not to take personal responsibility. That will be his legacy.