Philly area Backpage child pimp sentenced

Craig “Geez” Johnson. I think he’s indicating what he’s going to get from his new cellie.

Indiscreet pimp gets 24 years for sex trafficking teen runaways:

Craig “Geez” Johnson was recently sentenced to 24 years behind bars for prostituting underage girls in Philadelphia and neighboring Bucks County. Of course he used Backpage to advertise the girls. Geez must be a master criminal to get around Backpage’s protocols to prevent children from being trafficked. Oh wait, that’s right. Any idiot can get around them if they even truly exist.

Anyway this is how little Geez cared about the law. He would brag on his Facebook about his ‘business’…

A female friend reprimanded him. “This is not somethin u put on facebook… and show there(sic) faces, too,” she said

Johnson shot back, “You know what i do, they my girls they work for me i can put anybody i want uphere(sic) its call advertisement.”

So Johnson refers to his girls like you or would to a used car or a TV.

One of his victims claims she went on 50 dates for Johnson in 10 days. That means she was raped by 50 ‘hobbyists’ in 10 days who probably didn’t care that she was underage.

Prostitution is not a victimless crime no matter how you look at it and Backpage collecting money for it is just rubbing salt into the wounds of its victims.