Bitch in Crayon

Mom Scratched Profanity Onto Son’s Forehead, Police Say:

30-year-old Sherri A. Feuston of Delaware County, Indiana sent her fourth grade son to school with the word ‘bitch’ written on his forehead in crayon. School kids being what they are were very curious to how he got that and I’m sure they weren’t very kind about it. I can only imagine how the teachers reacted when they saw it. Of course the kid was humiliated.

When police went to pay Ms. Feuston a visit she claims that she did it while they were playing around. Let that set in for a minute.

Got it now? Ok.

Even if they were just ‘playing around’ how low class is that to write that on your kid’s forehead. And why did she not make him clean it off before he went to school?

At least she didn’t use a Newport.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.