UK woman sentenced for crushing son

Mother jailed for crushing baby:

27-year-old Claire Biggs of Newham in east London has been sentenced to 8-years for for crushing her two-month-old son Rhys to death in 2006.

The infant’s chest was crushed breaking 17 ribs. He also had injuries to his wrist and shoulder.

Biggs is a former drug addict who had a child taken from her in 2001. And not unlike the Baby P story social workers had also visited the family only to find ‘nothing wrong’.

Biggs claims that her boyfriend, 33-year-old Paul Husband, was the actual killer. He’s a piece of work himself as he was previously convicted of what the article calls “a sexual offence involving a child”. Nice guy to have your kids around.

Check out the mugshots as well. A real pair this lot.

Thanks to El for the tip.