Quartet of Pa. Juggalos arrested for murder of another


Four charged in Schuylkill county beating death:

In order we have Shane Roof (Roofie), 20, Curtis Foose (Ice Cold), 25, Jeffrey Gombert (Smokestack), 19, and Andrew Tutko (Chia Pet), 19. Ok, I made the last nickname up. Anyway, they are all Juggalos from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania area. They’ve all been arrested in the death of former Juggalo 21-year-old Anthony Locascio. I say former since he’s no longer drawing breath.

The story goes that Locascio ratted out some his Juggalo family to police on some vandalism charges. Locascio and an accomplice allegedly cut the brakeline of a car that belonged to a girl they knew.

So in retaliation the four allegedly lured him out into the woods with the promise of two pounds of weed, beat him to death with baseball bats and then removed his clothes. That’s basically the way you sometimes get dishonorably discharged from a Juggalo clique.

Give props to police and District Attorney for refusing to comment on the Juggalo connection. Too many small town police forces act like Juggalos are the second coming of The Crips when most of them don’t even have the IQ of a dog biscuit.

And to the Juggalos out there, if you want people to stop thinking you’re a gang, stop acting like one.