Sex offender teacher caught contacting minors on Facebook

Cynthia Horvath

Cynthia Horvath

Former teacher arrested after contacting ‘teen’ on Facebook:

Sex-With-Student Teacher Rearrested:

Dorian Gray over there is 45-year-old Cynthia Horvath of Port Orange, Florida. She had previously been sentenced to a year of house arrest after the former teacher was caught banging one of her 17-year-old students. Age of consent in Florida is 18. As an aside if she was a man she’d be doing hard time but I digress. Part of her sentence was that she was allowed to use the internet but couldn’t contact minors.

It seems that a student of Horvath’s former school noticed that she had befriended some minors from the school on Facebook. That’s when police decided to get involved.

An undercover agent, posing as a 16-year-old Port Orange high school student, requested that Horvath add him to her friends on Facebook on March 31. She agreed and replied with the message: “It’s you isn’t it? :).”

It was then that her parole officer told Horvath that she could no longer use the internet. Of course she pretty much ignored that edict.

Later that day, Horvath returned home and sent the undercover agent an e-mail saying, “I’m here!!!” An arrest warrant was issued and police arrested Horvath.

So now she’s looking at 15 years for violating her probation.

Again if the suspect in this story was male there wouldn’t have been a follow-up story because he’d have already been behind bars.