Lily Allen uses e-cig in video, parents everywhere faint

My word, where is my fainting couch?

My word, where is my fainting couch?

I’m 45-years-old. That pretty much makes me an old man who yells at clouds. I’m not that familiar with this Lily Allen but from what I understand she is some kind of pop songstress who is mostly popular in the UK. The venerable Daily Mail has reported that she was paid to promote E-Lites brand e-cigs in one of her videos. Of course this has parents outraged. OUTRAGED, I tell you.

Yeah, like that.

Yeah, like that.

As an aside the Daily Mail is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with journalism today. If it’s not designed to outrage it’s one of those “You won’t believe” bullshit stories. So fuck you Daily Mail.

Getting back to Ms. Allen it’s the same old trope that’s been going on about celebrities even before I was a kid. The pearl clutchers will say “How can she do that, she’s a role model to children.” No, no she’s not. She’s a celebrity. It’s not her job to teach your kids what’s wrong and right. As a parent that’s supposed to be your job.

DO you think I started smoking because I saw some musician smoke a cigarette on Headbanger’s Ball? (Kids, ask your parents.) No, I did it because my friends did and none of them learned it from TV or in today’s case the internet.

You would think that she would be praised for promoting a less dangerous alternative to smoking but then what would the soccer moms have to bitch about?

Return of the exploding e-cigs


We have yet another exploding e-cig in the UK and the Daily Mail is there. However much like they did with the MRSA study they buried the facts deep into the article.

The device came with a charging lead but no plug, she said, so she used a phone charger – contrary to the maker’s instructions.

You know the e in e-cig stands for electronic right? When used properly electricity is one of the greatest boons to all mankind. However when you use it improperly it can bite you in your dumb ass.

If the manufacturers instructions say not to use a certain type of charger than you don’t use that charger. But yeah, let’s blame that on e-cigarettes. What’s the British equivalent of the word dumbass? Git? I think it’s git. What a worthless git.

Daily Mail: Vaping will give you the flesh eating disease


Ok, they really didn’t say that but they might as well have with this troll-tastic headline…

Are e-cigarette smokers at risk from superbugs? Vapour helps deadly bacteria to thrive, say scientists

The superbug in question they’re referring to is MRSA. While it’s not the flesh eating disease, aka necrotizing fasciitis, it’s still a pretty nasty bug to get. So how do vapers get this lovely infection?

A study found that vapour from trendy e-cigarettes makes the hard-to-treat MRSA superbug more toxic.

And, in a double whammy, the nicotine-laden vapour also weakens the body’s ability to fight the multi-antibiotic resistant bug.

Most people will stop reading right there and will bleat on about how dangerous vaping is but buried deep in the article is this little tidbit.

However, the study also failed to give real cigarettes a clean bill of health. In fact, they were found to fuel MRSA even more than the electronic versions.

Still in either case you have to come into contact with MRSA first. The headline would have you believe that you get MRSA just from vaping which is just another arrow in the quiver of misinformation.