Giovanni Gonzalez’s mother says he’s alive

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Giovanni’s Mother Says Her Son Is Not Dead:

Daisy Colon is the mother of missing Massachusetts 5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez. As you may recall Giovanni was spending some time with his father Ernesto Gonzalez and when it came time for Giovanni to return to his mother he was gone and his father is sitting in jail refusing to divulge his whereabouts. He claimed to a Boston newspaper that he killed Giovanni but police don’t believe that story.

And neither does Daisy Colon, she claims that she saw Giovanni in Lynn, Massachusetts in a park with an unknown man about a month and a half after his disappearance. By the time she flagged down a police officer they were gone.

She’s calling on the people of Lynn to keep an eye out for Giovanni as he may still be among them.