Colo. man sentenced for craigslist child prostitution

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Colorado human-trafficking case nets 8-year jail term:

I originally posted about Dallas Colby Cardenas of the Denver area here. Back in 2010 he was indicted for prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist. He also had sex with her in order to groom her for the ‘profession’. This week he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for trafficking a child. That sentence is a joke.

Pimps should be given automatic life sentences. More often than not they’re also guilty of rape, violent assaults and false imprisonment. For the 19-year-old Cardenas this will be a walk in the park until he’s out of jail.

Not to mention that while it’s not as prolific as it once was trafficking and prostitution is still happening on craigslist mostly on casual encounters but as usual craigslist chooses to do nothing about it.

Colorado pair indicted for craigslist child prostitution

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Men Accused Of Pimping Teens On Craigslist:

19-year-old Dallas Colby Cardenas and 23-year-old Ryan Keith Jenkins have been indicted by on running a prostitution ring on craigslist in the Denver area.

Cardenas is said to be the mastermind behind the ring and that he not only forced a 17-year-old girl into prostitution but that he forced her to have sex with him in order to groom her for prostitution.

These acts allegedly took place while the adult services section was open showing that at the time craigslist’s steps to prevent child prostitution and trafficking on their site were not all that effective. Backpage should take a hint.