“Bleed this block for street money.”: Man convicted in Dallas OfferUp killing

"Bleed this block for street money": Man convicted in Dallas OfferUp killing

Lonzell Hunter

Back in 2016, 42-year old Martha Teran was shot and killed in the parking lot of Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas. Back in April, 24-year-old Lonzell Hunter was convicted and sentenced to life for her murder. Hunter used a fake OfferUp profile in order to set up the robbery. When someone in the car Lonzell was sitting in snatched the phone, a struggle ensued and Lonzell shot Martha Teran. Lonzell had also messaged friends telling them to be ready to “bleed this block” for “street money.” He has also been charged with a charge of capital murder for the murder of another victim at a convenience store.

No matter how glitzy and slick a classifieds app appears to be, none of them are 100% safe and just meeting in a public place isn’t a guarantee of safety anymore. If you still insist on using classifieds apps or websites, meet the other person nowhere except a police station. If they don’t want to meet you there, then the odds are they’re up to no good.

LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

LGBT church staff member victim of craigslist killing in Dallas

Yevin Rushing

(Story broke 7/9/2017)

54-year-old Robert Lee Covington was the personal assistant to the senior pastor at the Cathedral of Hope of Dallas. According to reports, the Cathedral of Hope is one of the largest LGBT churches in the country. Mr. Covington was found dead in his home on Friday night. He is said to have died from asphyxiation due to his nose and mouth being covered by duct tape. Missing from his home were his Rolex watch, his cell phone and car keys.

Police had no suspects until 22-year-old Yevin Rushing allegedly returned to the scene of the crime in a U-Haul. Rushing saw police investigating the crime scene and left. Neighbors reported this as a suspicious vehicle which led police to the suspect. Rushing allegedly told police he met Mr. Covington on craigslist and Covington had given him his Rolex. The watch was said to have been in Rushing’s vehicle. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond after being charged with capital murder.

By all accounts, Mr. Covington was loved by his congregation and by no means do I intend to sully his name or memory. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind not just those in the LGBT community, but anyone, not to use craigslist for hook-ups. While there is a degree of anonymity to craigslist, there is a much higher degree of danger. Anybody who uses craigslist for any kind of physical pursuit could find themselves robbed, sexually assaulted, or sadly, even killed.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the friends and family of Mr. Covington.
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Texas Teacher blackmailed by student she was having sex with

Texas Teacher blackmailed by student she was having sex with

Sandy Doan

27-year-old Sandy Doan of Dallas, Texas, has allegedly fallen into the same pitfalls of too many teachers these days. She started communicating with one of her middle school students over Instagram and Kik (no Snapchat?) before starting a sexual relationship with the student. Normally I would be throwing sarcastic quotes around about ‘having sex’ and ‘relationship’, but it’s hard to call the kid a victim in this instance.

Instead of just the usual bragging to his friends, this kid had the criminal wherewithal to allegedly blackmail Doan into giving him thousands of dollars for his silence.

“Anit [expletive] watch ima start getting the pics and everything ready … to show the cops right I anit playing,” the messages read, according to police.

Doan, also known as Thao Doan, wasn’t arrested until the kid’s mother found out that her son was receiving large amounts of money from Doan. The kid’s mother also said that he has a lengthy juvenile criminal record. However, police sources say that the then 14-year-old blackmailer will probably not face any charges. Why in the blue hell not?

While Sandy Doan is allegedly ultimately responsible for landing herself in the situation in the first place, the extortion of $28,000 is not something that should just be chalked up to boys being boys. To not charge him shows other kids in his community that crime does pay.

Dallas Backpage pimp lured teen through Mocospace

Dallas man accused of luring teen to run away via social media, prostitute:

Man accused of selling 13-year-old runaway for sex for three months:

Ladarin Franklin

If this was an SAT test it would be one of those sentences like Mocospace is to Texas like Pennsylvania is to MeetMe. The Lone Star State’s fascination with the social site/mobile gaming app continues.

32-year-old Ladarin Franklin, aka Bloodshot, of Dallas is accused of allegedly luring a 13-year-old girl into prostitution after meeting the girl on Mocospace. Franklin is accused of convincing the girl to leave home and turning her out for 3 months. Where did he turn the girl out? Why Backpage of course. Another criminal mastermind who got past Backpage’s defenses, or just some guy with a pre-paid credit card probably.

I can’t stress this enough to parents, know what apps are on your kids’ phones and know who everyone is on theor friends list.

As for Backpage the young girl who was forced to be raped by strangers for money is just another exercise in their free speech if you ask them.

Dallas man killed by craigslist ‘date’

Christopher Howard Beachum

Dallas Craigslist hookup turns homicidal:

Police say Oak Cliff man was murdered by suspect he met on Craigslist:

Dallas police: 27-year-old wanted on capital murder charge in stabbing of 68-year-old man in March:

On March 18th 68-year-old Gerald Canepa was found naked and dead in his Dallas, Texas home. Reports say that he had been killed by strangulation and multiple stab wounds. More than a month later police have named a suspect and he is 27-year-old Christopher Howard Beachum. Beachum is still at large.

According to police Mr. Canepa’s and Beachum had set up a ‘casual encounter’ with each other on craigslist. However instead of a tryst it turned into a murder and a robbery. Several of Mr. Canepa’s items were found at a pawn shop where they were allegedly sold by Beachum.

I wish I didn’t have to say this again but I’ll keep saying it until the message gets through. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, a furry, or into farm animals. I implore you not to use craigslist for hook ups. Time and Time again I have shown that you are just putting yourself out there as a potential victim for assaults, rapes, robberies and unfortunately in Mr. Canepa’s case death.

Craigslist is hardly a safe place for anything these days.

UPDATE 5/16/2013: Sorry for the late update but Beachum was captured in Lane County, Oregon back on May 2nd.

UPDATE 5/18/2015: Lat week Beachum’s trial was declared a mistrial after a hung jury. Prosecutors are going to retry him in September.

UPDATE 11/16/2015: Beachum’s latest trial is currently underway.

Dallas Breeder leaves kids in car while in strip club

Dad Left Babies Outside Dallas Strip Club, Cops Say:

Look. I’m a guy. I used to be a guy who enjoyed strip clubs. I don’t think there is anything wrong with going to one AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR FREAKIN’ KIDS WITH YOU!!!

Seriously what is wrong with you assclowns that keep doing this. Are you so lonely and horny that your kids’ welfare is second to your desire to get a lap dance?

The latest assclown in the strip club parade is 36-year-old Michael Galloway who left his 3-year-old and his 9-month-old in the car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot of a Dallas strip club.

I’ve never been to Texas but if it is anything like North Carolina I would imagine you’re having some pretty warm weather right now.

Dickweed said that he was only in the joint for 20 minutes like that makes it any better. However witnesses say he was drinking in the club for at least an hour.

He was arrested around midnight which is a great time to have your kids out on the town with you.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

Dallas Breeders accused of starving kids in motel bathroom

Couple accused of starving children, keeping them in Love Field area motel bathroom:

37-year-old Alfred Santiago and his wife 30-year-old Abneris Santiago, both of Dallas, TX, have been arrested on child abuse charges for allegedly starving their kids while locking them in a motel room bathroom. The kids are 11, 10, 5 and 1. The 1-year-old was found in a crib while the other three were found undernourished in the bathroom. And it gets worse.

Alfred Santiago is also accused of raping one of the female children. One report says that Alfred Santiago is the step-Breeder of the kids. Not like that makes it any better.

Every time I post a story about kids being starved it makes me wonder where the money was actually being spent.

Thanks to Christy for the tip.

Dallas Breeders who reported child missing arrested

Dallas police arrest mother in missing baby case:

Mom of missing 9-month-old says girl’s body was dumped in Lake Lewisville:

Last week 9-month-old Daisja Weaver of Dallas, Texas was reported missing by her mother, 19-year-old Tamaira Creagh. Except that Daisja wasn’t really missing. Both Breeders knew exactly where she was. It’s alleged that Daisja died while in the care of her father, 20-year-old Alandus Weaver. According to reports Weaver gave her a bath then left her wrapped in a towel as he went to pick up Creagh.

During a meeting with detectives Saturday, Creagh told them she found the baby on the floor wrapped in a towel after Weaver picked her up from work June 8. Weaver said he had given the baby a bath earlier, Creagh told police, according to an affidavit.

To me that sounds like the baby was already deceased whether by accident or not but that’s just speculation on my part.

Anyway the next day the pair allegedly dropped the baby’s body into Lake Lewisville. Creagh claims that she felt threatened into assisting Weaver. I’m sure she had absolutely no opportunity to contact police during that entire time. [/sarcasm]

Then they made up some bogus story about the baby being kidnapped.

Both Breeders have been charged with tampering with evidence and hindering an investigation.

So far Daisja Weaver’s body has not been recovered from the lake.

Now for the cherry on this disgusting sundae. 19-year-old Creagh is 6-months pregnant with Weaver’s child. They sure didn’t waste any time did they? At least hopefully this one won’t end up in the bottom of a lake.

Thanks to Laura and Krissy for the tips.

Man accused of rape while his kids were in the car

Man arrested, accused of raping woman while his children waited in the car:

That my friends is 24-year-old Quinton Travoitz Young of Dallas, Texas. He’s accused of raping one woman and attempting to rape a pregnant woman all while his kids were in tow.

In the first rape he forced a woman into his car at gunpoint while his kids were in the back seat. He took her to a vacant house where he allegedly raped her while his kids waited in the car.

In the second incident he forced a pregnant woman into the car at knifepoint and took the woman to a different vacant house again while one of his kids was in the car. After he took the woman to the vacant house he left the window cracked so the boy could get air. How considerate of him. Considering how hot Texas can get in May I doubt that was enough. Anyway the pregnant woman fought back and her attacker fled with her purse. She was able to get the license plate number of the car and police were able to track him down.

The boys are ages 4 and 5.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all another story comes along to prove that we haven’t heard anywhere near ‘it all’.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar

Tot in Car, Step-Dad in Bar:

I hate to steal a headline from the media but that one was too good.

Anyway, that’s 22-year-old Bryant Rivera of Dallas, Texas. He felt it was necessary to leave his 3-year-old stepson in the car while he got his drink on from 9pm to 2:30am. But it’s ok because he left the kid with a Dr. Pepper and a video playing in the car.

Being a stepfather myself I know that sometimes you have to try harder to gain your stepkids’ acceptance. Apparently this assclown didn’t bother trying.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.