The modeling scam strikes in Tacoma


Police: MySpace job offer turned into nightmare on Seattle, SeaTac streets for girl:

Dena Renee Derosa, 20, and Damenique L. Beasley, 21, of Tacoma, Washington have been arrested for allegedly forcing a 17-year-old girl they met on Myspace into prostitution.

Police say that Derosa promised the girl a job modeling at car shows after telling the girl that she was pretty over Myspace.

I’ve said before that real talent/modeling agents do not use MySpace but that seems to have gone unheeded. So I guess I’m going to have to crush the hopes and dreams of some teen girls in the name of their own safety.

Girls, you’re not really that pretty. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of getting a real modeling job. If someone is offering you a modeling job on MySpace the odds are that the person offering you the job is a predator.

Parents, you may want to show this to your daughters. I’ll take the hit for you.