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Drama queen child killer claims phantom injury

Drama queen child killer claims phantom injury

Damien Echols (Da dane bramage mades me haf two ware deez glasses indores)

First off, I have to point out this article from KATV in Little Rock is labeled as ‘Special Advertiser Content’. That explains why it reads more like a press release than an actual news article.

In the wake of Damien Echols’ melodramatic return to Arkansas to protest the state’s death penalty, the one where Johnny Deep said he would catch Damien’s heart, Echols is back in the Arkansas ‘news’ spewing his usual story about how poorly he was treated on death row. He’s claimed in the past he needs to wear his special dark glasses everywhere he goes because being in prison hurt his eyes. Now he’s claiming he suffered an unspecified head injury while in prison.

“Ten years was spent in solitary torture. The brain injury I sustained will always plague me.”

Of course there was no elaboration on his supposed injury. Since he was in solitary, is he saying he gave the injury to himself? I’m sure the Chalupas will be more than happy to explain it to me how the child murderer was victimized by the guards or something.

The ‘article’ then goes on to parrot the official WM3 party line of how the supposed DNA evidence implicates Terry Hobbs, which it doesn’t.

It must be nice to be triple-convicted child killer and have the media at your beck and call.

Damien Echols returns to the scene of the crime to protest Arkansas executions

Damien Echols returns to the scene of the crime to protest Arkansas executions

Damien Echols (I get all my broody headshots done at the mall)

Over Easter weekend, a protest took place in Little Rock, Arkansas, against the state’s plan to execute eight inmates in ten days. The state is said to be doing this since one of the drugs they use in lethal injections is set to expire at the end of the month. Of course you can’t mention the Arkansas death penalty without attracting the attention of triple convicted child killer Damien Echols, he of the West Memphis 3 infamy.

Echols made his intentions known to attend the protest prior to the event itself. NBC was kind enough to give him the media attention he craves. As usual, Echols was ever the drama queen…

“It takes a lot for me to go back to Arkansas,” he added. “It’s a place that holds nothing but horror and despair for me. This whole situation is horrific and fills me with despair to the point that I wake up at night trying to scream.”

Oh, do you mean like the screams of the children that you killed and were convicted for? Are they anything like that?

He goes on to call Arkansas’ execution plans a ‘conveyor belt of death’, as opposed to the killing floor of three children who committed no crime.

NBC also spoke to Patrick Crane who used to be a correctional officer on Arkansas’ death row. Crane now opposed the death penalty and had the following to say…

“What if we killed Damien Echols?” he asked. “We now know that guy is innocent but we could have killed an innocent man.”

No, no you wouldn’t have. You would have executed a man who had been rightly convicted of the crimes against him. Also, for the record, Echols and crew were never exonerated. They took an Alford plea which means they maintain their innocence while pleading guilty. Surprisingly, NBC doesn’t gloss over the Alford plea unlike a number of media outlets who proclaim Echols as innocent. What almost all media outlets fail to mention is that it was the WM3 defense team who approached the state about the Alford plea. I explain why I thought the state gave in to the deal here.

Echols was joined at the protest by alleged wife beater Johnny Depp. He was asked what message he had for Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

“How do you sleep man?” Depp asked.

Maybe he should be asking how best bud Damien sleeps after murdering three children? I imagine he sleeps pretty well considering that he’s a sociopath. The Depp-Echols bromance shenanigans didn’t end there either.

From THV11

As he arrived, Echols admitted to our cameraman that he felt that his heart was about beat out of his chest.

“I’ll catch it,” Depp said, who comforted him as Echols arrived to the rally.

Besides triggering my gag reflex, I bet that set Tumblr afire. I can only imagine all the slashfic that must be going on over there which Depp probably writes himself.

Even the bastion of journalism that the New York Times is supposed to be allowed Echols to go on about his over-inflated sense of self-worth.

Mr. Echols’s argument is simpler. He has said he considers himself living proof “that the state of Arkansas does indeed sentence innocent people to death, despite how infallible these politicians would have you believe the system is.”

No you’re not. You’re an aberration of how the system is supposed to work. You got bankrolled by all your celebrity friends which scared the state into releasing you using the Alford plea. For all intents and purposes, you should be one of the inmates set to be executed on their so-called conveyor belt.

As usual, when it comes to most death penalty stories I didn’t see a whole lot of commentary from the families of the victims that these eight men are accused of killing, much like you don’t hear about the real victims of the WM3 when it comes to articles about Echols.

Christopher Byers, Michael Moore and Stevie Branch

I’m here to make sure they’re never forgotten. As long as Echols and his former friends are free men than justice is being denied them.

Damien Echols comments on ‘Making a Murderer’

Damien Echols (Avery is only half as douchey as I am.)

Damien Echols (Avery is only half as douchey as I am.)

I guess it was inevitable that with all the talk of ‘Making a Murderer’ and its supposition that Steven Avery is innocent that the media would reach out to another convicted killer, Damien Echols, he of the West Memphis 3. Let’s see what the chief chalupa had to say

I was convicted of three counts of capital murder in 1993. Along with the two others who were convicted with me, we became known as the West Memphis Three. After enough evidence had been found to grant us a new hearing that would prove our innocence, the state of Arkansas offered us an insane deal called the Alford plea—as part of it, we could legally claim we were innocent, but the state would maintain our guilt. The deal would prevent us from seeking compensation for the 18 years we spent in prison. I spent those years on death row, 10 of them in isolation.

I find it interesting that he doesn’t name Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley by name. As always it’s about him and no one else. Let’s also not forget that the state didn’t offer the Alford plea, their legal team went to the state with it. He also just has to mention being in isolation since that’s what he claims damaged his eyes so he can wear his douche goggles everywhere.

We took the deal, knowing that even if proven innocent it would take us years to be processed out of the prison system. We were released in 2011. Today all three of us are legally considered felons.

He actually got that right for once.

He then goes on and bemoans how similar the conviction of Steven Avery was to his own and I’ve already marked some similarities here like how both documentaries omitted crucial facts from their narratives. Another thing that they have in common is that they’re both animal abusers. Avery set a cat on fire while Echol’s is known to have stomped a dog to death. They both also blame others while the evidence clearly points to them. Since 2009 Avery has been claiming his brothers killed Teresa Halbach in order to get their hands on the money he was due from his lawsuit although he was the one who repeatedly called Teresa and her charred remains were found in a burn pit on his property.

I would imagine that the chalupas and the ‘Making a Murderer’ crowd have a large cross-section of people who are willing to have the wool pulled over their eyes repeatedly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Avery is actually released due to this dramatized re-telling of Teresa Hallbach’s murder. If you believe everything you see on TV or Facebook you shouldn’t be surprised if it comes back to bite you on the ass.


The Wiccan community should not hold up Damien Echols as an icon

Damien Echols (Today I'll be Wiccan, then tomorrow Buddhist. Maybe Hasidic Jew next.)

Damien Echols (Today I’ll be Wiccan, then tomorrow Buddhist. Maybe Hasidic Jew next.)

Recently there was a triple homicide in Florida that some local Barney Fife called a ‘Wiccan Ritual Killing’. More than likely the doughnut eater wouldn’t recognize anything Wicca if it bit him in the ass. Not surprisingly some in the Wiccan community had a problem with this. That’s totally understandable. They probably have every right to be.

One of those who took issue were Peg Aloi who writes a blog called The Witching Hour. I have no problem with Ms. Aloi personally. She is well within her right to stand up for her beliefs and educate those who may be ignorant about them. What I do take issue with is when Ms. Aloi compared this case to the West Memphis 3.

Ms. Aloi wrote in this blog post

Indeed, for those unfamiliar with the West Memphis Three case, suffice it to say that three innocent young men were sent to prison for eighteen years after being convicted of a grisly triple murder of three boys in Arkansas in 1993. The murders were characterized as “cult killings” by local police, and a bogus “cult crime expert” gave ridiculous testimony that nevertheless painted supposed “ringleader” Damien Echols (a smart, sensitive 18 year old outcast who was dabbling in Wicca and other aspects of the occult at the time; he is now a practicing Buddhist and has been for a number of years) as a monster who had committed an act of ritual human sacrifice. The Witches’ Voice website covered the case in detail for years. The Three were released in 2011, and have been truing to rebuild their lives; the killer remains at large, although the case is still being investigated and one victim’s stepfather is the prime suspect.

First off the three were never innocent. They were all convicted and they were released on Alford pleas which as I’ve discussed before is still a guilty plea. Secondly the so-called bogus cult expert also holds several criminology and other degrees from brick and mortar universities and has studied under some of the country’s most decorated police investigators. The case is officially closed as far as law enforcement on any level is concerned and the victim’s stepfather is not a prime suspect as I previously stated the investigation is officially closed. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

Damien Echols was never Wiccan in my opinion and the Wiccan and Pagan communities do themselves a disservice by holding him up as one of their own. Echols would use terms like Wiccan or Satanic to make him look like some kind of counterculture badass in the Bible Belt of Arkansas. I don’t know too many Wiccans that stomp dogs to death. I may not be the most prolific student of the ways of Wicca but I believe this goes against its tenets of nature, Hell (no pun intended), even Satanists say in the 10th Satanic Rule of the Earth “Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.” Ironically the 9th Rule states “Do not harm little children.” but I’ll let that one go for now.

As I have said before the killings were not occult killings but cult killings, the cult of Damien Echols, much like in the mold of Charles Manson. By all accounts of his mental history Echols has always leaned towards violent psychopathy and the three true victims, Steve Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers, were his opportunity to make a name for himself. He even has a name for his fans/followers as he calls them Chupacabras like he’s in some kind of band. That seems very cult-like to me. Very reminiscent of David Koresh.

He uses Wicca as an excuse for his actions and by holding him up as a persecuted Wiccan martyr you’re doing a grave disservice to the Wiccan community at large.

I bear no vitriol or ill-will towards Ms. Aloi and I don’t want my readers to either. I’m just trying to point out discrepancies much like she did to the media.

We get letters: We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received the following e-mail from Jason. Jason says…

We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent? Furthermore, what has led you to believe that WM3 is guilty? People have recanted their comments, Jesse Misskelley was found to have an alibi, as were Damian Echols and Jason Baldwin. Jesse Misskelley’s confession was found to be coerced with many of the details fed to him by the police. Your comments are not compelling at all. I’m really thinking that you’re either Terry Hobbs himself or you’re getting pay rolled by him to create this blog.

Congratulations. This may just be the most factually incorrect e-mail ever written. First off is “We are so convinced that Terry Hobbs is innocent?” even a sentence? I mean it looks like a question but kind of makes a statement. That’s new levels of bad grammar right there.

Secondly no one has recanted their story, please provide documentation that says otherwise.

None of the three had any alibis or else their alibis would have been called to testify.

Jessie Misskelley wouldn’t stop confessing even after his own conviction.

Lastly, you got me. I’m Terry Hobbs. You’ve uncovered my master plan. I started this blog in 2000 then wrote a PRO-WM3 post in 2001, then recanted my position in 2007. appeared on two different national news shows talking about an unrelated crime while wearing Hollywood level prosthetics and wigs in 2009, all the while maintaining my cover in Arkansas. And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for meddling chalupas.

Or maybe Terry Hobbs is bankrolling me because he’s got all that money from his book and movie deals, oh wait, that’s Damien Echols who has that. He’s never one to turn away any payday that he makes off of tragedy.

It seems like somebody just watched the movies for the first time.

Damien Echols celebrates an anniversary of death

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I try not give triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols any more attention than he deserves because it’s what he thrives on. To that end he must be trolling everyone by posting the following on his Twitter account…

So what’s wrong with that you may ask? Why shouldn’t a man celebrate the fact that he’s alive? It’s because today also happens to be the 22nd anniversary of the day that he and his cohorts, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin, brutally murdered 8-year-old Cub Scouts Michael Moore, Chris Byers and Steve Branch. I’m sure this date is not lost on him. This is nothing more than Echols flaunting that he got away with triple murder more or less.

Not surprisingly, the Rolling Stone article I got his tweet from gets some information wrong.

Amid new DNA evidence, legal teams for the three men were able to secure their release from prison after changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty.

The ‘DNA evidence’ is no such thing because it does not implicate anyone else for the crime as much as the chalupas would like to think it does. Then again what do you expect from a widely discredited outlet like Rolling Stone.

We get letters through Tumblr: You’re an asshole

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

The real and forgotten victims of the WM3

I received this message through my Tumblr page the other day…

You’re an asshole leave Damien Echols alone wtf

Normally I would have dismissed this as just being from another chalupa. (Side note: Thrice convicted child killer Damien Echols refers to his fans as chupacabras so I call them chalupas which I’ve been told is an insult to chalupas but I digress.) But before I clicked on the delete icon I curiously clicked on this person’s Tumblr name. Now I’m not going to divulge the account in question because I don’t want to invite harassment on someone who is obviously a confused child.

Turns out this girl was not just a fan of Echols but also Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine cowards Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and non-repentant school shooter T.J. Lane. I was greeted by animated gifs of school shooters while a lot of the posts were doe eyed tributes to Damian Echols. This girl feels about mass murderers like most girls would gush on about their favorite music group or celebrity.

What you’re doing is not normal, not even by counter-culture standards. It is an indication of a deeper-rooted mental illness and you should get help. I’m telling you this because it’s obvious your parent(s) either don’t know or don’t care or both. If this kind of activity carries into adulthood you could end up being one of those women who end up marrying death row inmates, also not normal by any standard. Not to mention that by idolizing these mass killers you’re enabling future killers.

Be an individual, don’t let yourself be defined by a Tumblr hashtag.

There’s an online petition to pardon the West Memphis 3

Hey look, REM is in town.

Hey look, REM is in town.

I almost wasn’t going to post about this but it’s so comical I just had to comment.

Apparently an online petition has been started at change.org to pardon the West Memphis 3. The petition is directed at current Arkansas Governor Mike Bebee asking him to pardon the three calling their convictions a “travesty of justice” and “a sham”. By now you should know that I think the real travesty of justice is that these child killers are walking free.

Some of my fellow ‘nons’ have been up in arms about this but they really shouldn’t be worried at all. Firstly Gov. Bebee has said that “the appropriate place to seek exoneration of the men is the court system.” Secondly at the time the article from the Times Record was posted they only had 800 signatures. A week later they have about 1800. How many of those people do you think are even residents of Arkansas. If only a small minority of them are actually Arkansas voters than this isn’t even a blip on the Governor’s radar. The Last reason is that online petitions are a joke and no one takes them seriously. For all we know they could have been ‘signed’ all by the same person or bot. Considering the most successful online petition I can think of was the White House petition seeking the construction of the Death Star you can see how seriously they’re taken and that one had 25,000 signatures.

So good luck with that petition, you’re going to need it.

Damien Echols wants to stop talking about what he won’t shut up about

Damien Echols. I heard he has a PhD in Attention Whoring.

Damien Echols. I heard he has a PhD in Attention Whoring.

There was recently an article in the Village Voice about Mr. Douche Goggles himself, triple convicted child murderer Damien Echols. I was going to let this one go by since it was talking about his and his crazy wife’s new book. That was until I read the first line of the article.

Damien Echols doesn’t want to talk about the West Memphis 3 anymore.

You’re kidding me right? He doesn’t want to talk about the think that’s kept him marginally in the public eye for the past 20 years and has gotten him his celebrity buddies? Of course this is nothing more than classic Echols attention whoring except now it’s reverse attention whoring. The ‘don’t look at me/look at me’ kind of attention whoring. An attention whoring reach around if you will.

Echols really wants to talk about his tarot card classes which is just more of him fleecing his gullible Echolytes. However I do want to take issue with the closing paragraph of the article.

“The things they tried to murder me for — my love of witchcraft, the tarot, my spirituality, these are the things I never changed about myself during all the years in prison,” he says. “The guards couldn’t beat it out of me. People thought I was crazy. But what can I say?”

Wrong again Mikey. They tried to execute you because you brutally murdered three children.

The only thing about cards that Echols truly understands is playing the victim card.

Damien Echols ironically says only the guilty want closure

Damien Echols can't see irony through his douche goggles

Damien Echols can’t see irony through his douche goggles

When I saw the headline “Only the guilty want closure in West Memphis Three case” I thought finally the press is giving time to someone who doesn’t believe the WM3 hype machine. That sentiment was dashed when I saw that the article was written by convicted triple child murderer Damien Echols himself.

In an editorial published by the Arkansas Times, Echols continually tries to hold on to his 15 minutes. Feel free to read the entire article but let’s take a look at some select quotes from Mikey.

(Scott)Ellington may be the only person on the planet who believes there is “closure” in my case.

First off do you notice that he said his case. I thought it was the case of the three murdered boys. At least he could have said our case referring to the other two convicted child killers but no. You can pretty much figure out Damien Echols in that one short sentence. It’s all about him.

It was easy for him to seek closure, of course; he was not sitting in solitary confinement on death row for a crime he did not commit. Thankfully, the Supreme Court did not listen and ruled unanimously to review our wrongful convictions.

Except they didn’t. They granted a hearing to see if the supposed DNA evidence was enough to grant a new trial, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story. Also how can he continue to call it a wrongful conviction when his defense team approached the DA’s office with the suggestion of the Alford plea?

No one wants closure more than me, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley and the families of the murdered children.

Except four of the six family members of the victims believe that Echols and company are guilty.

Now with the opening of “Devil’s Knot,” the latest film on this tragedy, some are once again calling for closure. After all, aren’t four documentaries, a feature film, books, numerous network television features, hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories, blogs, bloggers, websites and God knows how many tweets on the murders of the three boys, enough? I guess not.

None of those things are evidence let alone unbiased.

DA Scott Ellington should keep his promise to review new evidence given to him by my defense team in a meaningful manner, and he should avoid giving comfort to the real killer and discouraging new witnesses from coming forward by proclaiming that the case is “closed.”

What evidence is he speaking of? Not the outlandish pot smoking gay tryst scenario? That doesn’t even qualify as being a Weekly World News story let alone evidence.

Damien Echols was released from death row in Arkansas in August of 2011. He and his wife, Lorri Davis, live in New York City.

What happened to Salem? Did the locals get tired of having a child killer among them?

He’s right about one thing though. There will never be closure on this case as long as the killers walk free and as long as Echols keeps his name in the media. I’d settle for the closure of his lying mouth.