Teacher beats 1-year-old adopted son for not bonding

polingH.S. Teacher Charged With Beating 1-Year-Old Son:

You would think that teachers, much like lawyers, would know better than committing child abuse. 38-year-old Damien Gabriel Poling of Minneapolis allegedly didn’t know better.

The high school teacher is accused of beating his 1-year-old adopted son because he claims the boy didn’t ‘bond’ with him.

This one I take personally because I was adopted and my dad and myself never bonded. He was a jock and obviously I’m a geek. But you know what he never did? He never beat me so bad that I had two fractured ribs and fractures in my ankles that suggest I had been slammed down on my feet.

These days adopting a child is almost like winning the lottery after spending several thousands of dollars. Adoptive parents may even work harder to get children than biological parents. Therefore in my eyes it’s even worse when adoptive parents commit this type of abuse.

Luckily he was turned in by his own wife and this wasn’t a pair of breeders doing the damage.

Thanks to Jake’s Daddy for the tip.