23-year-old uses VF to sexually assault 16-year-old

Police: Vampire freaks site leads to sex assault:

You know I’ve been hard on MySpace, craogslist, Xanga, and LiveJournal, but I’ve been neglecting one social networking site that I shouldn’t and that’s VampireFreaks. Now before the goths start proclaiming that I’m persecuting them, I’m not. It just so happens that VF has had some pretty hardcore criminals in its userbase, most notably Kimveer Gill.

Having said that, enter one 23-year-old Dan Miladinovic. He’s accused of using VF to arrange a meeting with a 16-year-old girl from Sugar Land, TX and sexually assaulting her.

“They got in his car and drove around a little bit. At some point in time, she started feeling uncomfortable about the situation and wanted to go home,” said Sgt. Hines.

But police say Miladinovic pulled in to a doctor’s office parking lot in the 3500 block of Town Center and sexually assaulted the teenage girl in his Mustang.

It’s unknown if the victim was aware of his actual age or not.

I was unable to find Miladinovic’s VF profile.