Mo. man accused of raping daughter and fathering the children

Babies’ Bodies Found In Coolers; Man Charged:

Babies’ Remains Found In Coolers:

Man charged with incest, murder after infant remains are found in Cass County

It seems that Missouri has it’s own little version of Josef Fritzl and his name is Danial M. Rinehart.

The 47-year-old waste of carbon from Harrisonville, Missouri has been arrested not only for raping his own teenage daughter but for also for fathering four children with her. But it doesn’t end there.

Rinehart had been having sex with his daughter since she was 13. She’s 19 now.

The first child was born in March of 2004 while the family lived in Oklahoma. The baby died that July. The girl, her sisters and her mother, Linda Rinehart, all buried the baby in a box that was sealed with silicone.

In 2005 the girl gave birth to a boy in a truck while both Rineharts helping to deliver the baby. Linda Rinehart even cut the umbilical cord. This happened while the family was living in Hendersonville. The child is still alive and has been placed in care of the state.

In 2006 the girl gave birth to her third child. Again both of the girls Breeders helped deliver the baby. This time Grampa Daddy got to cut the cord. I’m sure he was so proud. That child died in early 2007. No medical treatment was ever sought. When he died the girl and Rinehart buried the baby under their dirt floored garage. The girl moved the body when it was understood that investigators were interested in the family.

The fourth child was born in April of last year inside of a camper. It was stillborn. After Rinehart helped deliver the baby they put the baby in a cooler and sealed it with silicone and put it behind the RV where the third child’s body was moved to. Rinehart claims he gave the child CPR but again sought no medical attention.

Again I am just aghast at the thought processes of the main perpetrators. Rinehart gets it in his head that he’s going to have sex with his teenage daughter and his wife, the girl’s mother, allows it. Did she think there was no problem with that or was she so subservient to her husband she dare not question him and to stay with him for years and never try and contact law enforcement. Not to mention she assisted in the cover up. Linda Rinehart has also been arrested. She told police she was aware of the ‘relationship’ and was even jealous of it yet she still chose to do nothing.

As much as I’m a proponent of the death penalty killin’ is too good for this scumbag, as the saying goes. This assclown need to be studied to see what makes his brain tick in the most inhumane way possible.

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