Man faces felonies for sex with girl:

36-year-old Daniel Dietz has been arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. What makes it worse is that they were introduced by the girl’s mom.

The girl’s mother told police she introduced her teenage daughter to Dietz at a support-group meeting she had been attending and through which the mother had become acquainted with Dietz, the documents said.

“According to statements received from members of the support group, they observed (the girl) and Dietz playing ‘footsies’ along with other flirtatious behavior and on multiple occasions these members indicated to Dietz the behavior was not appropriate,” the documents state.

After meeting the girl, Dietz allegedly began talking with her via the Internet.

Dietz delivered to police his two laptop computers, which he gave the detectives permission to search. Upon reviewing Dietz’s MySpace account on which he uses the moniker “Slo-N-Low,” detectives found an Internet chat conversation between Dietz and the girl.

In a MySpace chat on March 25, according to court documents, Dietz spoke with the teen about “sexually explicit matters.” During the conversation, Dietz allegedly asked for a photo of the teen and she complied by sending him a photo of herself with her bare chest exposed, the documents said.

Dietz also allegedly used one of his computers to transmit a photo of his genitalia to the 13-year-old’s e-mail account, court documents allege.

According to MySpace account records, Dietz and the teen discussed meeting and carrying out plans to engage in the sexual activity they had discussed in Internet chat conversations, court documents said.

“During one Internet chat the two noted that they knew sexual contact between them was illegal because (the girl) was only 13 years old,” court documents state.

Dietz spent the night at the girl’s home after fixing her computer, according to court documents, and while the teen’s mother slept, the girl performed a sex act on Dietz in the family’s kitchen.

Court documents state the girl said she also engaged in sex acts with Dietz on other occasions at her home and at his residence.

I bet when he’s in prison he’s going to regret using the moniker of “Slo-N-Low”.

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