Nevada man charged with 2009 MySpace rape

Reno man arrested on suspicion of sexual assault charge via online dating service:

Daniel Harvey Riggs

Daniel Harvey Riggs

26-year-old Daniel Harvey Riggs was a suspect in a 2009 MySpace rape of a woman at a Reno, Nevada casino. He was not charged due to lack of evidence. However Riggs was arrested back on March 21st for the alleged rape of a woman from Sparks. Nevada after meeting her on an online dating site. After that arrest police began looking again at the 2009 rape.

Police believe Riggs may have even more victims…

Lopez declined to give specifics, but said police have evidence to believe more victims are involved and asked anyone with information to call Reno police at 775-334-2115.

I guess no one knows the recidivism rate of non-convicted sex offenders huh?

UPDATE 12/9/2013: Riggs was convicted and sentenced to 40 years. He must serve 16 before he is eligible for parole.

Thanks to catwoman for the tip.