Albany med student arrested for craigslist offense, this is not a repeat

Another Albany med student accused of using Craigslist for crimes:

24-year-old Daniel P. Heeren is a third year medical student at the Albany Medical College. Heeren is accused of placing an ad on craigslist trolling for young boys. Police in Bethlehem, New York were more than happy to set him up with a new playmate. Of course that turned out to be the Bethlehem Police Department.

At the time of his arrest a sex toy, condoms and lube were confiscated from Heeren.

I don’t even want to know what he was going to use the toy for.

And hmmmmm, I wonder what section of craigslist Heeren was using. It couldn’t have been the casual encounters section could it? I get the feeling the encounter was going to be anything but casual.