Gun crime bad. Sex trafficking of children? Not so much.

Darius Mark Anthony Griffin

Craigslist robbery attempts, sex trafficking net man 15 years:

22-year-old Darius Mark Anthony Griffin of Desert Hot Springs, California was recently sentenced for two crimes that he pleaded guilty to. One of the crimes was armed robbery and the other was prostituting an underage girl on craigslist. For both crimes he got 15 years. How do you think that sentence is broken down?

…13 years on the robbery counts and two years in the sex trafficking case…

You want to know why?

Darius Mark Anthony Griffin, 22, pleaded guilty on Aug. 20 to a pair of felony attempted robbery counts and admitted a sentence-enhancing firearm use allegation for those crimes, along with one count of trafficking a person younger than 18.

So there are no sentence enhancers for selling a girl into sexual slavery?

We so have the wrong priorities in this country.