SC Breeder arrested for 17-day-old baby’s skull fractures

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Police: Mom Fractures Skull of 17-day-old Infant:

Woman arrested after 17-day-old baby suffers skull fractures:

There’s not a lot of detail on this story but I couldn’t pass up that mugshot.

Anyway, one eyed James Brown over there is 27-year-old Niosha Latricia Kelly, or Niosha Latrice Kelly depending on the article, of Darlington, South Carolina. She was arrested after EMS was called to her house and it was determined that her 17-day-old daughter had two skull fractures.

It’s unknown at this time how the baby’s skull was fractured but police say when they questioned Kelly she gave multiple stories on how the baby was injured so badly but police say that the injuries did allegedly occur while the girl was in Kelly’s care.

Oh, and did I mention that she was caring for two other children and police say that she was noticeably intoxicated when they arrived at her house.

Let’s hope she wasn’t breastfeeding or we may have the youngest person ever placed into rehab.

The baby is in stable condition at last report.

Thanks to DD for the tip.