Statutory MySpace rape is still a MySpace rape


27-year-old Daryl Sage Waldron of Waynesville, NC was arrested in Missouri for having sex, child rape, with a 14-year-old girl that he met on MySpace when she was 13.

Waldron, who is a member of the Army Reserve, flew from NC to Springfield, Missouri where he rented a car and then picked the 14-year-old up and took her to Branson where he statutory raped her. The pair was gone for 8 days while law enforcement were looking for them.

He’s being held on $500K bond since prosecutors consider him a flight risk since he could possibly find his way overseas with the Reserves.

I wonder if we’ll hear the ‘she lied about her age’ line this time.

And again parents, I can’t beat this into your heads enough. Leaving your kids unattended on the internet is basically the equivalent of inviting predators into your house.