Va. Beach suspect caught with +5000 child porn images

Va. Beach suspect caught with +5000 child porn images

David A. Campbell

63-year-old David A. Campbell of Virginia Beach has been charged by federal authorities with allegedly possessing over 5000 images of child porn. Authorities were tipped off by the NCMEC twice when it came to Campbell. Once by Microsoft since he was allegedly using his MSN email account to trade child porn and another time by Tumblr who noticed comments allegedly made by Campbell where he claimed to have molested 10-year-old boys. Campbell even claimed that he used the private message feature on Twitter to trade child porn but was locked out of his account. He even said that he didn’t think Twitter monitored private messages. If you think anything on the internet isn’t monitored by someone you’re in for a surprise.

Campbell reportedly said that his Tumblr comments about molesting boys was only ‘fantasy talk’. If history is any indicator he may wish he had molested boys since molesters seem to get lesser sentences than those who trade in child porn.