David Hart sentenced

David Hart

David Hart

I originally posted about David Hart here and here.

He was the 37-year-old guy from Wilmington, Delaware who drove to Allentown, Pa., which is not a short trip, to pick up a 14-year-old girl he met over MySpace and her 12-year-old brother. While back in Delaware Hart and the girl had sex at his place while the boy played video games.

Even though Wilmington is a short trip over the Pa. state line it’s still crossing state lines.

Hart also tried having a friend delete his MySpace account when it was noticed the girl was missing. Anyway, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his misdeeds.

The local U.S. Attorney is acting like this is some big feat.

“It is our hope that today’s sentence raises the level of awareness of this danger in the community and serves as a warning to those who choose to engage in this conduct.”

Hart will be 47 when he gets out. Plenty young enough to re-offend. If this is the maximum federal sentence that these scumbags can get than the laws need to be changed.

David Hart admits to having sex with MySpace teen

David Hart

David Hart

Wilmington man admits to MySpace meeting:

I originally posted about David Hart here. He’s the guy from Wilmington, Delaware who picked up a 14-year-old girl and 12-year-old brother from Allentown, PA and took them back to his place where he had sex with the girl. He had met the girl over MySpace.

Since he crossed state lines with a minor he was charged federally.

This past Monday Hart admitted to picking the girl up to have sex with her. In court he said that at first he did not know the girl’s age at first but found out later.

He’s looking at 10 to life.

I really hope he does get life but it will probably be closer to 10.

Federal charges for Delaware man who had sex with teen

David Hart

David Hart

Federal charges in MySpace encounter:

The cowardly lion over there is 37-year-old David Hart of Wilmington, Delaware. He was arrested for meeting a 14-year-old girl from Allentown, PA over MySpace, picking her up in Allentown and then taking her to his place for sex instead of her going to school. And oh yeah her 12-year-old brother came along for the ride. He played Playstation while Hart was allegedly molesting his sister.

And since Hart allegedly crossed state lines to have sex with the girl he’s been federally charged with transporting a minor over state lines to engage in criminal sexual activity.

There will probably be tampering with evidence charges too since he called a friend and told him to delete Hart’s MySpace account.