Death row craigslist killer wants new trial

Death row craigslist killer wants new trial

David Sparre

In 2010, a then 19-year-old David Sparre stabbed 21-year-old Tiara Pool 89 times, killing the Jacksonville, Florida mother after meeting her through craigslist. In 2011, he was convicted of her murder and in 2012 was sentenced to death. In 2015, his death sentence was upheld. Now, Sparre is looking for a new trial on the grounds of ineffective counsel and diminished mental capacity.

What shouldn’t be forgotten about this story is the letter Sparre wrote to his ex-girlfriend after his conviction where he stated he enjoyed killing Tiara, admitted planning the murder for weeks and thought he was smarter than police. Egomania and psychopathy aside, does that sound like someone with a diminished mental capacity to you?

Meanwhile, Tiara’s family, who by all accounts are loving and close-knit, can’t appeal the death sentence David Sparre inflicted unfairly on Tiara just because she answered his craigslist ad.

Trench’s appearance on #Murder and a retrospective of Tiara Pool’s murder

As some of you may know, I recently appeared on TV One’s #Murder to discuss the craigslist killing of Tiara Brown/Tiara Pool.

As you can see by viewing the episode below, my screen time was very minimal which was ok.

I mean you had police investigators, members of Tiara’s family, accomplished journalists, and here I am some loudmouth with a bad haircut and a website. So while I was a bit disappointed in not having more screen time, I understood why.

The reason, I’m guessing, as to why I wasn’t in the show more is they really didn’t cover a lot of time between the arrest of David Sparre and his being sentenced to death. That’s where I am extraneously connected to the story.

When I first posted about Sparre’s arrest along with a follow-up post about Tiara, I received a number of comments from someone claiming to be a member of David Sparre’s family who was not only proclaiming Sparre’s innocence, but was blaming Tiara for being murdered. In the commenter’s eyes, Tiara going on dates while her husband was deployed in the Navy was a worse crime than Sparre stabbing her multiple times and slitting her throat. The commenter continued to proclaim Sparre’s innocence and blame Tiara even in the face of overwhelming evidence against Sparre.

While I was being interviewed, I also discussed David Sparre’s behavior while he was in custody awaiting trial. When he was arrested he didn’t have any facial tattoos, but when the trial started he had tear drops tattooed on his face. Teardrop tattoos can sometimes signify the person sporting them has killed someone. That’s not the best defense for someone who was facing the death penalty for stabbing a random woman to death. I also discussed the letter Sparre wrote to his ex-girlfriend, after he was convicted but before he was sentenced to death, where he admits he enjoyed killing Tiara Pool.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience although I wish it would have been for a happier reason. I want to thank Jupiter Entertainment for even considering me for an interview. I also want to thank Greg Collier for his continued support as well as my Patreon patrons. Of course I couldn’t do any of this without my readers both old and new. Lastly, I want to thank my editor and proofreader Lady Gray, who has made me a much better writer over the past year.

In closing, I want to express my remorse I didn’t get an opportunity to meet Tiara’s family while I was in Florida for the interview. If you’re reading this, my heart continually breaks for Tiara. By all accounts, she had so much potential to lead a fulfilling life, only to have it taken away by someone less than a man with such careless disregard for life.

Trench to appear on TV One’s #Murder

Trench to appear on TV One's #Murder

This Monday Night, July 24th 2017, I will be appearing on an episode of the TV show #Murder, that’s on the One TV Network. The show deals with the craigslist killing committed in Jacksonville, Florida, by David Sparre.

The episode airs at 10PM Eastern and 9PM Central. If you don’t have TV One in your area, or on your cable package, you can view the episodes later on the TV One website.

I’ll be posting a select clip to my YouTube Channel after it airs.

David Sparre’s death sentence upheld in Jacksonville craigslist killing

David Sparre

David Sparre

This week the Florida Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for David Sparre. Sparre was convicted in the brutal 2010 stabbing death of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. Sparre had met his victim through the casual encounters section of craigslist in Jacksonville, Florida. The pair had sex before Sparre stabbed her almost 90 times. Sparre was convicted and then sentenced to death for Tiara’s murder. After his sentencing, Sparre sent a letter to his ex-girlfriend bragging about how he enjoyed killing Tiara. So it came as a surprise to me that an appeal of his death sentence was even being entertained.

During his trial and penalty phase Sparre instructed his attorney, Chief Assistant Public Defender Refik Eler, to not present any evidence in his defense. Eler, who said Sparre was guilty of second-degree murder but didn’t deserve the death penalty, planned to introduce evidence he was mentally unbalanced and abused drugs and alcohol since he was 11.

But Sparre reiterated his instructions to Circuit Judge Elizabeth Senterfitt, who ruled that Eler couldn’t present the evidence against his wishes.

On appeal Tallahassee Public Defender Nada Carey argued that Senterfitt abused her discretion by not considering all the evidence that would have kept Sparre off Death Row. She said it didn’t matter that Sparre didn’t want it brought up.

In Thursday’s unanimous Supreme Court ruling the justices said that in cases where a death-penalty defendant declined to offer a defense, the judge was required to order a comprehensive pre-sentence investigation into the that defendant’s background. That was done in Sparre’s case, with the investigation addressing his physical and mental health.

So that brings Sparre one step closer to the needle which will be infinitely more merciful than the death of Tiara Pool, a mother of one who still had her whole life in front of her. It’s too bad they won’t be able to plunge the needle into him 90 times. Hell, by the time his execution date would have rolled around I’m the country will have lost its nerve on killing monsters like Sparre.

David Sparre sentenced to death


David Sparre

Craigslist killer sentenced to death for Jacksonville slaying:

Today a judge in Jacksonville, Florida sentenced 20-year-old David Sparre to death for the brutal stabbing murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre met Ms. Pool through a craigslist personal ad and stabbed her roughly 90 times when they went back to her place.

In a letter to his ex-girlfriend, Sparre detailed that it was his intent all along to kill someone. Ms. Pool was just his unfortunate victim.

Previously in this very site family members of Sparre had defended him and tried blaming the victim for what happened. Not surprisingly I haven’t heard from them in a while.

Unfortunately with the way the system is his sentence won’t be carried out soon enough.

David Sparre admits that he enjoyed killing Tiara Pool in jailhouse letter


David Sparre

Jacksonville Craigslist killer: ‘I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again’:

Recently the Florida Times-Union of Jacksonville, Florida obtained a jailhouse letter written by David Sparre. As you may know, Sparre was convicted in the brutal stabbing murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. Sparre met Pool through a personal ad on craigslist. Now it turns out that Ms. Pool was just a victim of convenience.

In the letter that Sparre sent to his ex-girlfriend, he claims that he planned the murder at least a week in advance. He also bragged about how he thought he was smarter than the police and thought he could outsmart them because he was good with cleaning up crime scenes. He also claims he had the perfect alibi in taking his grandmother to the hospital.

What shocked even me was how callously he talks about murders and not just the murder of Tiara Pool. Sparre claims that he had shot and killed someone else prior to Tiara’s murder but said he wanted to experience stabbing someone. He then goes into detail about how he killed her and not only how much he enjoyed it but how he had hoped to do it again.

What does explain some things is that in the letter Sparre claims to be a member of the infamous Crips gang. He said his first alleged murder was his initiation into the gang. Towards the end of his letter, he also talks about his Crip brothers. Whether he has an actual gang affiliation or is just a gangsta wannabe remains to be seen however either scenario would explain why someone facing the death penalty would get the teardrop tattoos and the idiotic shaved eyebrows before his trial. ‘

Also in one of my previous posts about Sparre, several of his family members claimed he was framed and tried blaming the victim since she was a married mother of one. I’d love to hear what they have to say now about their family member since he said that “After she quit fighting, I tilted her head back and sliced her throat. I’m not even going to lie. I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again.”

The letter itself can be read courtesy of the Florida Times-Union.

Craiglist killer letter by on Scribd

Jury recommends death for David Sparre

David Sparre

David Sparre

Jury recommends death for Craigslist killer:

Today a jury in Jacksonville, Florida recommended the death sentence for David Sparre in the bloodthirsty stabbing death of Tiara Poole. The pair had met on craigslist through the personals. Sparre stabbed her to death and stole her car and several of her other possessions.

In a move not recommended by his attorney Sparre waived the right to have witnesses testify on his behalf to try to dissuade the jury from the death penalty. It seems that Sparre has consigned himself to his fate since he smiled the whole time during the reading of the jury’s recommendation.

A judge will still have the final say in Sparre’s ultimate fate but I don’t see the judge going against the jury’s recommendation but I have been wrong before.

If the death sentence is delivered Sparre will have the luxury of just going to sleep permanently instead of being ferociously stabbed almost 90 times like his victim.

David Sparre convicted in craigslist killing of Tiara Pool

David Sparre

David Sparre

Man convicted in Craigslist murder of Navy wife:

In July of last year 20-year-old David Sparre was arrested for the brutal stabbing death of Tiara Pool in Jacksonville, Florida. The pair had met on craigslist either through the personals or casual encounters. Today justice was served as Sparre was convicted of first degree murder.

Tiara Pool was a 21-year-old mother of two who was married to man serving in the Navy but they were having marital problems. She met Sparre through craigslist and during their encounter Sparre stabbed her 89 times with part of the blade breaking off in her skull. Sparre also stole some of her possessions including her car, a Playstation and a wireless router.

Sparre’s attorney admitted that Sparre killed Tiara but tried arguing that Sparre blacked out upon finding out that Tiara was married. Does this actually happen outside of soap operas? Thankfully the jury didn’t buy it and handed down a guilty verdict.

Sparre is more than eligible for the death penalty. The sentencing phase is set to take place starting December 13th.

Is it me or does it look like he’s taken well to prison life. Compare his mugshot to the picture above from his trial. He’s got the teardrop tattoos and the Vanilla Ice eyebrows.

Hopefully his stay in prison before a date with the needle will be a short one.

DNA may implicate David Sparre for murder

David Sparre

David Sparre

Clothes, DNA Point To Navy Wife’s Killer:

It’s been a while since we last heard about David Sparre. Sparre is accused of stabbing 21-year-old mother of two Tiara Pool to death after the pair met through the craigslist personals. He allegedly stabbed her 89 times.

In past posts we’ve had family members of Sparre vehemently proclaiming his innocence saying things like his fingerprints weren’t on the murder weapon. That point may be moot now.

Court documents recently discovered say that Sparre’s DNA was on the murder weapon. So if you go by the logic of some he was at least present at the time of the murder. I don’t follow that kind of logic. To me that means he is the murderer.

In those documents investigators also say they found remnants of Sparre’s clothes from the murder in the ashes of a fire that Sparre set allegedly to destroy evidence.

But yeah. Keep proclaiming his innocence.

Sparre pleads not guilty in murder of Tiara Pool

David Sparre

David Sparre

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Woman’s Death:

19-year-old David Sparre of Jacksonville, Florida is just one in a series (collect the whole set) of alleged ‘craigslist killers’. He’s accused in the July 12th stabbing murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. The pair met through craigslist’s personals. I originally posted about the murder here and here.

Still no motive in the brutal murder of the mother of two however prosecutors say they are seeking the death penalty.

One of these days I’ll take the 15 minutes to number all the craigslist killers that I know about.