Texas craigslist kidnapping

Kidnapped girl to return to Austin Thursday:

33-year-old David Snyder of Pflugerville, Texas was arrested in New Jersey on kidnapping charges for taking a 15-year-old girl from Austin he met on craigslist to the Garden State.

The girl’s mother claimed that the pair met over craigslist and began text messaging each other. When her mother found out she took away the girl’s cell phone. However as kids are want to do the girl would use a friend’s cell phone or internet.

Snyder was arrested in Newark while the pair were trying to board a bus to New York. The girl went willingly with Snyder but due to her age it is considered kidnapping.

Snyder also has a previous arrest record for aggravated sexual assault of a child on an unrelated case.

So by craigslist’s philosophy shouldn’t Snyder’s ad, which I’m assuming he posted, have been flagged by craigslist’s legendary policing community? Oh that’s right, guys like Snyder are craigslist’s community and wouldn’t flag anything related to sex whether it’s illegal or not.