Sex master Adam

How a sinister MySpace predator targeted teen girls:

Recently Buffalo, NY police arrested 48-year-old cafeteria worker David W. Evans. On my space he said he was a muscular 20-year-old called “Sex Master Adam”. He’s been charged with coercing a minor to produce child pornography which is a federal felony. Apparently he either coerced or convinced underage girls to send him nude pictures of themselves. Police believe there may have been as many as 100 victims.

The police are also left asking themselves some questions that parents should be asking too.

As police continue their investigation and more girls are located, questions are being raised about the victims, too:

• Regardless of how old she thought Adam was, why would any teenage girl send naked pictures of herself to a man she had never met?

• How could the girls’ parents be unaware of what was going on?

• How common is this kind of conduct in the Internet age?

I’ll take those questions on.

Usually in these cases children are coerced and threatened into sending these types of pictures to predators.

Some parents still refuse to monitor their kids’ internet activities.

Unfortunately it’s all too common.

I can’t stress this enough to parents. Keep the computer in a common area where it can be monitored easily. Learn how to check the internet history of your child’s browsing. Those two simple things will go a long way in keeping your child safe online.