Mich. man sentenced for sex assault of Ohio MySpace girls


32-year-old David Zobel of Ann Arbor, Michigan was arrested back in 2009 for meeting two underage girls over MySpace that were from Xenia, Ohio and sexually assaulting them.

Zobel picked them up in Xenia then took them to a parking garage in Toledo where he took explicit pictures of them and sexually assaulted (raped?) the 12 and 13-year-old girls.

This past week the 33-year-old Zobel was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison. This was after he made a plea deal back in January.

I understand it was probably to keep the victims from testifying and living it all over again but can’t we get real sentences for these sex predators? 

Michigan man charged with assaulting Ohio girls

FBI: Mich. man planned assault, drove to Ohio:

The man from Ann Arbor, Michigan who allegedly sexually assaulted two girls from Xenia, Ohio has been captured by the FBI.

Church music director 32-year-old David Zobel of Ann Arbor has been charged with the assault.

Authorities found a camera containing sexually explicit images of the girls at Zobel’s house.

Of course Zoebel denies the charge. I’m sure the camera just magically appeared in his house.