Parents who threw out gay son file lawsuits in his shooting death

Suit filed over SoCal gay teen’s classroom murder:

One of the stories I’ve been following for the past year was the shooting death of 15-year-old Lawrence King.

King was an openly gay student who attended school at E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, California. His parents had thrown him out of the house for being gay. At the time of his death King was living in a shelter for troubled teens. Not only was King openly gay but he was by all accounts flamboyantly gay. He would sometimes wear make up and women’s clothing to school. Around this time last year he was shot and killed by then 14-year-old Brandon McInerney. McInerney was allegedly King’s bully. Reports say that he harassed King for being gay. Some accounts say that King retaliated by mockingly flirting with McInerney. McInerney allegedly couldn’t take the humiliation and shot King in the back of the head.

Now King’s parents, Dawn and Gregory King, are not only suing the school district but they’re also suing the shelter Lawrence King stayed at and a gay rights organization. They’re suing Casa Pacifica, the shelter, because they say that the shelter gave King his women’s clothing. They’re suing the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance stating that it was them that gave King the idea to flirt with McInerney.

Is it just me or would none of this probably happened if they didn’t throw out their own son over something as insignificant as being gay?

It’s too bad they can’t be sued for being closed-minded and greedy asshats.

Lawrence King’s parents file more lawsuits

Suit filed over SoCal gay teen’s classroom murder:

Back in August I posted how the parents of slain student Lawrence King were suing the school district for his death. Now the lawsuits are expanding.

To recap Lawrence King was a 15-year-old openly gay student at E.O. Green Junior High in Oxnard, CA. He was shot and killed by then 14-year-old Brandon McInerney in what is described as a hate crime. The rub here is that Lawrence King’s parents threw him out of the house for being gay. Remember that. That’s a key factor here in my opinion.

Now back to the lawsuits.

The 18-page lawsuit filed by King’s parents and brother names nearly two dozen defendants. It claims that everyone from King’s teacher to his social worker failed to urge the effeminate teen to tone down flamboyant behavior. The suit also claims they failed to heed McInerney’s alleged threat to kill King a day before the shooting.

In addition to his teacher and principal, the suit names McInerney and his parents; the nonprofit Casa Pacifica, a shelter for troubled children where King had been living; counselors; a county social worker, and the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance.

The school and shelter knew that King’s behavior was “sexually assertive” and threatening but failed to take action, the suit contends.

The shelter gave him “cross-dressing clothes and makeup and women?s boots,” and the Rainbow Alliance encouraged King to make sexual advances on McInerney, the suit claims.

First off as I understand it Lawrence King’s ‘sexual advances’ on McInerney were in retaliation to McInerney’s bullying of King.

Secondly and most importantly maybe if his parents hadn’t kicked him out of the house over something so trivial as being gay he might still be alive. Did that thought even enter the closed minds of these people?

With any luck this suit will be thrown out as soon as it hits the courts.

I defy anyone to tell me how this suit makes even one iota of sense.