Last of the Lakeshore plotters pleads


Lakeshore High shooting plot case concludes with teen’s plea to reduced charge:

The last of the Day Zero plotters accused of plotting an attack on Lakeshore High School in Louisiana has pleaded guilty. 16-year-old Daniel Hopkins pleaded true, the juvenile version of guilty, to conspiracy to commit terrorizing. He was basically sentenced to time served. A charge of solicitation of murder was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

I guess this closes the book once and for all on the Lakeshore plot but should it be closed? I mean the mother of the plot’s ringleader, Todd Singleton, allegedly not only deleted the Facebook page where the trio discussed their plans but she also destroyed her son’s computer. Why are tampering or obstruction charges not being filed? Does that not make her an accessory to the crime? How do we expect kids like this to respect the law when the adults in their lives are not only enablers but they’re not being held responsible for their actions.

If more parents were held responsible in matters like this maybe they wouldn’t have the ‘not my kid’ mentality.

Lakeshore plot ringleader pleads guilty


2nd Lakeshore High shooting plot suspect pleads to charges:

15-year-old Todd Warren Singleton pleaded guilty today to the juvenile charges against him. Singleton was the so-called ringleader of the Day Zero plot to attack Lakeshore High School in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

He was sentenced to three years in juvenile detention with 20 months suspended and six weeks time served. So all in all he’ll be in detention for roughly over a year.

It was requested that Singleton not have to turn himself in for another two weeks and the judge agreed. While I know it’s Christmas time and all that we are talking about Singleton being supervised by his mother in the meantime. The same woman who allegedly destroyed Singleton’s computer before police could seize it as evidence. I don’t know how much of a good idea this is.

Will he run? I doubt it, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Lakeshore plot trial postponed due to recovery of deleted Facebook


Trial for Lakeshore High shooting plot suspect postponed:

If you’ve been following the news of the alleged school shooting plot involving Lakeshore High School in Louisiana you’ll know that the suspects used a Facebook page called Zero Day to communicate with each other. You’ll also know that the page was supposedly deleted by one of the suspect’s mothers. Guess what kids. It’s been recovered.

Can I get an ‘Oh Snap’?

Alleged ringleader Todd Singleton was set to go on trial this past week when the news came down that Facebook was able to recover the deleted page. This has pushed back the trial for Singleton and alleged co-conspirator Daniel Hopkins to late December.

Still no word if charges will be brought against Singleton’s mother for allegedly not only deleting the Facebook page but also destroying his computer. That sounds like tampering with evidence to me. Doesn’t that make her an accessory to the crime? If I was the DA I’d be going after her as well.

One of the Lakeshore plotters pleads guilty


Lakeshore High shooting plot suspect pleads to charges:

16-year-old Jacob Keller was one of the teens charged with plotting an attack against Lakeshore High School in St. Tammany Parish. He was one of the so-called Day Zero plotters. This past week he pleaded guilty to the juvenile charges against him.

He was sentenced to less than a year in juvenile detention. Keller claimed that he backed out of the plot but asked the remaining plotters “If I don’t go, can you, like, hurt the person?”

I would imagine that he would be banned from the school as well.

2 of the Lakeshore plotters out, trial delayed due to missing evidence


Two of three Lakeshore teens make bail:

When I posted about the bond being lowered for the teens accused of plotting an attack against Lakeshore High School in Louisiana I thought that $100K would still be too high for them to post bail. It seems that I was wrong as two of the three plotters have been released on bond.

The families of Todd Singleton and Daniel Hopkins both posted their bond and according to the terms of their bond they’ll both be under house arrest, they’re forbidden from communicating with each other, and they will not be allowed to use cell phones or the internet. EXCEPT that Todd Singleton will be able to use his computer for a computer class while under strict parental supervision. Did the judge not know that one of the parents of Singleton may have destroyed evidence? I would think that would be an important detail. I almost expect Singleton to violate his bond while under parental supervision.

Speaking of destroyed evidence…

Trial delayed in school plot because of missing evidence:

The trial for the three accused teens may be delayed because the Day Zero Facebook page that they allegedly used to plan the attack has been deleted.

It should just be a matter of Facebook getting the information to investigators but I would imagine that Facebook has a lot of subpoenas to go through.

A legal analyst quoted in the article says that Singleton’s mother could be prosecuted for obstruction. By all means they should since she allegedly deleted not only the Facebook page but destroyed her son’s computer. Adults need to be held responsible for when they try to cover up their kids’ crimes which could have led to a bloodbath.

Did a plotter's mom destroy evidence


Daylong hearing reveals details on Lakeshore High shooting plans:

It seems that the so-called Zero Day plot against Lakeshore High in Louisiana wasn’t that close to coming to fruition. The only weapons police seized were BB guns. The trio was allegedly going to steal a cache of weapons they say existed but it’s unknown how secure the weapons were. At this point I would lose interest in this story but something interesting occurred that grabbed my attention.

According to police the mother of Todd Singleton not only deleted the Zero Day Facebook page but also destroyed her son’s computer before police could seize it as evidence.

That’s worse than ‘Not My Kid Syndrome’. That’s being complicit in a crime. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the Tammany Parish prosecutors have the stones to bring evidence tampering charges against her.

Bond reduced for Lakeshore plotters


Judge lowers bond for Lakeshore High shooting plot suspects:

First the bad news. The bond for the teens who are accused of plotting an attack against Lakeshore High School in Louisiana has been lowered from $500K each to $100K each. That’s still a pretty big chunk of change so I don’t expect the alleged ‘Zero Day’ plotters to be out anytime soon.

The good news is that the acting judge presiding over the case ruled that the statements made to police by the suspects have been ruled admissible.

Not surprisingly the day they were arrested was not the first time school resource officers had to deal with them. Daniel Antoine Hopkins allegedly told them that the Facebook page for Zero Day was just about video games. It wasn’t until his text messages were read that police determined that it could be an actual plot.

I still haven’t heard if any weapons had been found.

'Day Zero' plotters named


Lakeshore High School shooting plot bonds for 3 juveniles not excessive, judge says:

The names of the ‘Day Zero’ plotters, who are accused of plotting an attack against Lakeshore High School in Louisiana, have been made public. Their names are Daniel Antoine Hopkins, Todd Warren Singleton and Jacob Todd Keller.

One of their attorneys complained that the $500K bond they were being held on was excessive but the judge was having none of it and the bond remained unchanged.

Reports state that the plot was discovered by other students who told officials.

We may not be hearing much more out of this case since the judge also ordered a gag order.

'Day Zero' plot thwarted at Louisiana high school


LHS students arrested in shooting threat:

It seems it’s that time of year again. It seems that at the start of every school year another school shooting plot is broken up. This time it’s at Lakeshore High School in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

Three males, all 15-years-old, are said to have referred to Day Zero, possibly a twist on the movie Zero Day which gave an account of a fictional school shooting.

Police say that the trio planned on killing at least one student and one faculty member although I have not seen an alleged motive as of yet. Supposedly they were also going to kill any law enforcement that may approach them and take their weapons as well. Yeah, that’s easier said than done. They were also going to take the cowards way out by killing themselves once the attack was over.

All three are being held on $500K bond. Their names have not yet been released. No word on if they had procured weapons or how close they were to doing so,

The one good thing I can say about this is that in my opinion it seems that these instances are happening less and less these days. Here’s hoping that’s a continuing trend. But that doesn’t mean we as parents shouldn’t be vigilant.