Florida Breeder takes wife and daughter to internet sex sting



Cliff Oshman (Why the long neck?)

Sex-sting suspect took wife, kid to meet ’14-year-old girl’ for sex, police say:

Pedophile took wife and daughter to meet 14-year-old girl he had been grooming online to have sex with his family – and discovered it was an undercover sting:

In one of the other sections of my site, I’m regularly posting stories about guys who get caught in internet sex stings where police are posing as parents who want to sell their kids for sex online. Never have I posted one where the roles were reversed.

Take 64-year-old Cliff Oshman of Daytona Beach, Florida for example. Police say that Oshman posted an ad online that allegedly said: “was looking for someone to add to his cozy family and that the age of the person did not matter.”

The disgust, it won’t wash off.

Daytona police posed as a 14-year-old girl and responded to Oshman’s ad. And speaking of disgust…

The accused pedophile wrote in emails to the undercover officer about fantasizing that while with his wife, he was really having sex with the young girl, according to the arrest report.

The man wrote of want to taste and see the young girl unclothed, about various sex acts he wanted to perform on her and sent several pictures of his genitalia to the officer, the arrest report said, detailing the explicit, profane emails.

Mr Oshman then discussed via email how sleeping with the young girl without being arrested might work. ‘If you get caught with me, they arrest me… when people discover we are lovers, and find out your age, there will certainly be a scandal,’ Mr Oshman said, according to the arrest report.

‘We need to make a plan to handle it OK … I sincerely would love you to be in my life,’ he continued.

Now usually in this kind of story the suspect shows up to the predetermined meeting place and is arrested by the police. That happened this time too except instead of lone suspect Oshman also brought his wife and young daughter with him to meet the supposed girl that he was going to have sex with. I never did find the age of his daughter but I hope she’s young enough that she won’t remember this.

The wife was said to have knowledge of why they were there as she told police they were there to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex. No word on her willingness in the scheme.

The whole thing makes me pray to God hoping that Oshman didn’t inflict his sick predilections on his own daughter.

And some people in the other section of my site don’t believe things like this actually happen.

Bad chicken looking boyfriend threw boy against wall

Police: Man Threw Toddler Against Wall:

Police: Boy Thrown For Not Going To Bed:

Man accused of throwing child against a wall:

Angry Chicken Man over there is 34-year-old Benjamin Edward Ahr of Daytona Beach, Florida. Before we get to his transgressions let’s ponder about his mugshot for a second. He’s 34. Fauxhawk, bleached blonde, funky sideburns, not only a neck tattoo but a neck tattoo of a woman’s name. He’s 34. Grow up already.

Anyway he’s accused of lifting his girlfriend’s 2 1/2-year-old son over his head and throwing him against a wall because he wouldn’t go to bed. The girlfriend was at work at the time. The boy went into seizures and at the time of the articles is on a breathing machine in the hospital and has a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.

Ahr tried blaming the injuries on ‘rough housing’ by the boy’s older brother.

Except when the police interviewed the older brother he said that not only did Ahr throw the boy against the wall he abused the older brother as well.

Why would anyone think that this piece of crap is more important than their kids. Ladies please choose your boyfriends wisely.

Thanks to Melissa and Jill for the tip.