3/20/05: From The Mail Sack

Hey kids. Let’s do something we haven’t done in a long time. Catch up on my hate mail. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Big surprise here. Our first one is from my entry on the Eric Harris journal

i believe what they did was magnificent! To pay back the world for all the injustices you went through your entire life, it would be a rewarding experience to lash out like Eric and Dylan did. I admire them for doing something i could never do. But the only mistake they made was killing themselves, now they dont get to see the impact that they made on the world.

Comment by unknown — Tuesday Mar 8, 2005 @ 10:49 pm

First off, you’re on AOL so I can already tell you have diminished mental capacity. Secondly what impact did they make? If anything I’m sure it wasn’t the impact they were looking for. If schools were ever to take a serious look at bullying it stopped the day they pulled the trigger. Now instead of worrying about bullying, schools are more focused on kids bringing weapons to schools. You have them to thank for ridiculous zero-tolerance policies while bullying still continues. Good job there.

This next one was a response to another comment on my entry about the Eric Harris worship site

Shadi Ghazanfari you fucken idiot god, jesus and all that shit doesnt even exist. eople that believe in religion are fools dylan and eric are asleep now feeling and thinking nothing, they are not burning in hell recieving daily punishment from satan or whatever crap you believe in. Grow a brain and give religion the kick, its a fucking pile of lies…be an atheist today all you theists!! Start to think with your head !! Besides to all the catholics and christians and so forth why would you want to even worship a stinking jew is beyond me.

Comment by despair — Thursday Mar 10, 2005 @ 1:02 am

Because atheism is so cool these days. Sorry, I’d rather have the promise of life after this one. Besides you’re not really an atheist. You’re obviously just a lowlife anti-Semitic scumbag. And yes Harris and Klebold continue to burn in Hell.

This next one is from our favorite underground rap “artist” Mutant Rabbit


I have a fan base of around 10,000 kids nationwide.

You have four losers who agree with you.

I love this site! Reminds me who we’re fighting against!

-A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies but once.

Eric and Dylan died fighting oppression.

You die a little every day you have to look in the mirror and see you’re half the man they were. You’ve accomplished nothing; played some video games, jerked off under your bed sheets, worked a dead end job. The highlight of your year was beating Halo 2.

Where is your legacy?

Comment by Dead Rabbit — Thursday Mar 10, 2005 @ 3:38 am

I could list all my accomplishments too but I don’t answer to mutants. I just wanted to address one of your points. Harris and Klebold did not die fighting oppression as you put it? Who the fuck were they oppressed by? They were two spoiled suburban white kids. I’m really sure the man was keeping them down. You’re right about one thing though. A coward does die a thousand deaths. And if we judge it on the degree of cowardice then Harris and Klebold will be dying infinite deaths.

The next one is from one of my entries about Matthew Lovett. For those of you who may not remember Matthew Lovett was a New Jersey teen who planned on shooting up his school and made his friends refer to him as “Neo” or “The One”…

Matthew was a sweet guy. Hes actually my bf. They treated him so bad if you had only knew then youd understand ❗

Comment by amarab — Monday Mar 14, 2005 @ 5:07 pm

Again an AOL user. Yes, I’m sure he’s your boyfriend. If I had a nickel every time someone leaves a comment on my site claimed to be some shooters girlfriend I’d be able to buy that Mac Mini I’ve been wanting. By the way sister, sweet guys don’t store rifles, a shotgun, several handguns, swords and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. Yeah, real sweet.

Return of the Mutant Rabbit

Not too long ago I did an entry about how the New York mall shooter was allegedly partially inspired by a rapper who promotes violence against the “ruling class” by the name of Dead Rabbit. Mr. Rabbit claimed that he was saddened that innocent people were hurt. I said, “yeah right” and said that Mr. Rabbit is using this tragedy to further his own career. Then I asked if he would have changed his tune if people had died in the incident. Well, I received a response from someone claiming to be Mr. Rabbit…

No, I wouldn’t have changed my tune if somebody died. It still would have went something like this. “do doo do dooe wop”

See, some people can accomplish more in life than learning a little html, getting some fellow geeks to comment on “news items” and calling it a collective.

I only regret that you took the noble symbol of the Columbine uprising, the trenchcoat, and turned it into a coward’s cape

Comment by Dead Rabbit — Monday Mar 7, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

Rather than engage in a pointless flame war with you I’ll just leave your comment as is so the rest of the world can marvel at your ignorance.

Mutant Rabbit

Police Say Rapper Inspired Shootings:

This is the first I’ve heard of this but according to this “source” police found bootleg copies of underground rap artist Dead Rabbit’s hit underground song, “Casa Rebel.” According to the “article”, the “song” “Casa Rebel” is a vivid description of a Columbine-like massacre. Who knew that rappers could be mutants? Here’s a description of the alleged “artist”…

Dead Rabbit’s music often describes violence as a form of protest. From killing preppie students to bombing a popular “yuppie” nightspot in Sacramento, CA, Dead Rabbit promotes the destruction of the “1 percent”; a slang term for the ruling class.

Well isn’t that special. No hidden meanings there I guess. The “artist” also released a statement on his website…

“While we are saddened that innocent people have been hurt by Bonelli, the reason by the shooting must be fully explored. Whether it was a random action or a political statement must be discovered. If he was truly inspired by our music, then neither his aim nor location (of the shooting) should be in doubt.”

Saddened. Right. This guy is probably ecstatic that one of his songs was found on a would be killer. Now he’s using this near tragedy to try to further his own “career” and agenda. Straight out of the Michael Moore handbook. I wonder if he would have changed his tune if someone had actually died.

Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.