Mass. mayor wants craigslist to link to Crime Stoppers

Mayor wants Craigslist link:

The mayor of Leominster, Massachusetts, Dean J. Mazzarella, wants craigslist to provide a link to Crime Stoppers in order to prevent crime on the site in his area.

While that’s a grand idea it’s a logistical nightmare and I don’t see craigslist agreeing to it.

Think about it for a second. There is no national Crime Stoppers organization. Craigslist would have to link to every single local Crime Stoppers in the country and believe me there are a lot of them. Craigslist can’t even keep prostitution off their site even with their mystery guidelines for the adult services section.

The better idea would be to do away with the adult services section altogether and to remove the anonymity that craigslist allows. Of course they’ll never do either of those.