Gun nut sends death threats to mother of Parkland survivor

Gun nut sends death threats to mother of Parkland survivor

Warren Stanley Bond

I’m trying to swear less on the site because I want to be more reader-friendly, but what the fuck is wrong with people? For example, take sour pus up there. His name is Warren Stanley Bond, a 78-year-old ‘man’ from Sunrise, Florida. He’s accused of allegedly sending threatening letters to the mother of David Hogg. If you’re not familiar with David Hogg, he attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was present for the school shooting that took place there. In the months since the shooting Hogg has become a very prominent and vocal gun control advocate. But back to Mr. Bond.

Instead of ranting on Facebook like most crotchety men do, Bond went super old school and mailed a letter. The letter wasn’t sent to David Hogg but instead sent to David Hogg’s mother.

The letter, addressed to Rebecca Boldrick, arrived in the mail on the late afternoon of June 25. It had no return address and “contained a single sentence in large, bold, typed letters,” according to a court document.

“Keep F—— with the NRA and you will be DOA,” it said.

No polite discourse here.

Bond owned a gun that was taken by federal investigators. As someone once said, play stupid games win stupid prizes.

But that wasn’t the only letter he sent. Bond also reportedly sent a letter to the Democratic Party of Broward County in which he claimed support for Cesar Sayoc, the man accused of sending mail bombs to several prominent Democrats.

Investigators checked with the Democratic Party in Broward and confirmed that the organization received a letter dated Oct. 26, which was signed by Bond. The letter read: “I salute the decisions of Mr. Cesar Sayoc. I will contribute to his defense in any way possible. I wish he had been more successful.”

So this angry old man who owned a gun only lived 20 minutes from Parkland. Could you imagine if he had decided to take out his anger on David Hogg’s mother violently? If you think the government is out to get your guns now just imagine if that had happened.

Now tell me that there shouldn’t be more stringent background checks and psych exams for gun permits.

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15 will get you 20 especially if you threaten to put a hit on her family


Man arrested in Facebook threat on ex-girlfriend’s family:

Man denies threatening girlfriend’s parents on Facebook:

What’s worse than being 22 and having a 15-year-old girlfriend? How about threatening on Facebook to put a hit out on her parents? That’s what police in Glendale, California said 22-year-old Raul Reinoso did.

Reinoso was on parole for armed robbery and allegedly has gang ties. For seven months he was having a sexual relationship (child rape) with a 15-year-old girl.

When her parents found out about it they sent Reinoso a message through Facebook that he couldn’t see their daughter anymore. Ina Facebook response Reinoso allegedly said that he was going to put a hit out on her family.

You would think that someone on parole wouldn’t be stupid enough to do things like this but then again criminals like Reinoso have never been known for their collective smarts. The girl’s parents called police and now Reinoso has been charged with suspicion of making a criminal threat, unlawful sex with a minor and oral copulation with a minor.

No word on possible sentencing but knowing the California system and how prosecutors like to cut deals I’m sure this scumbag will be back on the streets in no time.