Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Classifieds crime blotter 12/7/2017

Cloned iPhone X costs Chandler couple big:
Arizona. OfferUp. Knock off iPhones being sold online are actually Android phones. You can read more about it here as well.

Police: Teens shot attempting to steal during meetup to buy jewelry:
San Antonio, Texas. OfferUp. They’ll live.

Rural Brandon man arrested for apartment rental scam:
Iowa. 43-year-old Gregory Todd Selken is charged with allegedly renting an apartment he didn’t own on craigslist.

Man accused of sex trafficking girls out of a motel:
21-year-old Elijah Teel of San Antonio allegedly prostituted an underage girl on Backpage.

Man shot during Garfield Heights robbery arranged through OfferUp, police say:
Ohio. OfferUp. Victim shot in the hand.

Newark man falls victim to $3,400 Craigslist scam:
Delaware. Scammers used fake account on app to electronically transfer money to the victim. Probably Venmo if I had to guess.

Craigslist renters rent the same home:
Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michael Alan Hite accused of allegedly renting out a home he didn’t own to several people.

Police: Teens rob man during online marketplace exchange:
Flint, Michigan. Man robbed of Apple Watch during LetGo exchange.

Two teens accused of beating man with crowbar during robbery:
Columbus, Ohio. OfferUp.

Who watches the watchmen?: Secret Service Kik Kreeper edition


This past Monday, 37-year-old Lee Robert Moore turned himself in to the Maryland State Police. Moore has been charged with allegedly setting up a meeting for sex with a 14-year-old girl through Kik and another app called Meet24 while on the job. The job part is important since Moore is a former agent of the Secret Service who had worked in the White House.

Of course the 14-year-old girl was actually a Delaware State Trooper…

Court documents show Moore deleting his Kik profile and stating, “do you know how many fake female profiles are out there, a guy needs some reassurance that he is talking to who he thinks he is talking to, and not I shudder to think.”

Moore then had a similarly explicit conversation with another Delaware State Trooper posing as another underage girl…

Court documents show the two have yet another sexually explicit conversation that lasted 40 minutes on September 28, 2015. During that conversation, Moore and the undercover agent discuss plans for a possible meeting.

On October 6, 2015, court documents show Moore sent a photo of his penis.

In case you needed further ick….

In chatlogs from a criminal complaint obtained by the Daily News, he wrote: “I would take immense pleasure in pulling those shorts off your hips and down your cute little legs” and “All you have to do is enjoy it, tell me how much you’re enjoying it, and moan when it feels good.”

On November 7th, Moore was stripped of his badge and gun, and placed on leave. I’m assuming he was placed on leave pending the investigation. After his removal from his post Moore messaged the ‘girl’ again…

“I don’t think we should talk anymore. I can’t explain, but I have too much going on, and I need to pull away from talking to people online altogether. This will be my last message.”

Lee Robert Moore

Lee Robert Moore

That has to sting, pun intended, sending further incriminating evidence to someone who’s investigating you, allegedly.

For someone who worked for an agency that’s supposed to protect the President and other dignitaries, and investigate high-profile financial crimes you’d think he’d have covered his tracks better.

This is the part where I remind you that Kik has become a haven for pedophiles and sex offenders.

UPDATE 9/9/2016: Moore has also been charged with the alleged production of child porn in Florida. He’s been extradited to Florida since the child porn charges are considered more severe.

UPDATE 3/3/2017: Moore has pleaded guilty to charges including enticement of a minor, and attempted transportation of obscene material to a minor. Moore accepted the plea after the government promised not to pursue any further prosecution if any more victims were to come forward. Moore is still looking at a possible life sentence.

Craigslist teen fantasy turned to federal arrest

Sellersville man charged with allegedly attempting to coerce a minor after posting ‘teen fantasy’ Craigslist ad:

Camp Counselor Charged After Posting ‘Teen Fantasy’ Ad:

39-year-old Michael Barndt of Sellersville, Pennsylvania was recently arrested by the Department of Homeland Security for allegedly trying to solicit a child for sex through craigslist. Investigators say that Barndt placed an ad entitled “Real Teen Fantasy — 34 (Bucks)” that included that he was looking for a “girl next door teen with a naughty side.”

Barndt received a response from a 14-year-old girl and after sending her pictures of his junk set up a meeting at a hotel room in Wilmington, Delaware where he was instead greeted by the DHS.

Just another day on Craigslist. How many predators like this are actually meeting girls and not getting caught since craigslist refuses to do anything about it?

UPDATE 3/3/2014: Barndt was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison. Remember kids, the fantasy is never worth the reality.

Detrimental Breeders of Delaware

Hohn and Watterson (He’s both the eggman and the walrus.)

Escape prompts abuse charges:

In Newark, Delaware a 12-year-old boy went from door to door looking for an ex-schoolmate of his. He hadn’t seen him in several months and didn’t know exactly where he lived. All he knew was that he lived across the street from the school. When he finally found the house he was looking for the parents of the boy found a barefoot and bruised boy suffering from malnutrition. They took the boy in and fed him for what they say was four hours.

The parents of the friend called police and while on the phone a car pulled looking for the boy. A woman from the car said they were looking for a boy with bare feet. The friend’s father smartly and thankfully said…

Nope, hadn’t seen him. Why don’t I take down your number and if I see him, I’ll give you a call.

Which he promptly turned over to police.

Arrested were the boy’s sperm donor, 41-year-old Robert J. Hohn III, and the step-monster, 39-year-old Shannon Watterson. It turns out that the boy had allegedly been kept locked in his room since September, was only provided minimal food and was only allowed out to go to the bathroom. Considering the bruises I’m going to say that he probably got his fair share of beatings too but that’s just me.

His siblings were allowed to go to school while the boy was ‘home-schooled’. Now before you home schoolers get all righteous on me, save it. While there are many great parents who do a great job in home schooling their kids however the reality is that many abusers use it as an excuse to hide child abuse. I wish the state would do more to prevent this but that’s another rant for another day.

It get’s better. Hohn and Watterson’s attorney says it’s not as bad as it seems. The lawyer says that boy had discipline issues with running away and hurting himself. If I had to hang wet clothes in the rain while being sprayed with a hose in the fall I’d probably want to runaway too. On top of that the only furniture in the boy’s room was a bare bulbed lamp and the door knob was put in backwards so it could only be unlocked from the outside. But it’s no big deal right?

Here’s what I don’t get. Being an actual human being with feelings how could they stand to see their son malnourished like that. Back when my stepson was this boy’s age he came down with a nasty virus so bad that we had to take him to the ER. While he was in the treatment room waiting to be admitted his eyes were so sunken that I thought we were going to lose him. I literally ran from the room in the tears so he wouldn’t see me cry. I could never imagine withholding food intentionally from a child where he wastes away to that point.

Now they’ll know what it’s like to be in a room where they can’t get out. They both should be starved and beaten with a sock full of wood screws.

Thanks to Kelly for the tip.

MyYearbook busts pedo on their site

Steven Cox

Steven Cox

Seaford man arrested on child porn charges:

I give MyYearbook a lot of crap for being the new home to online predators and pedophiles since the fall of MySpace. However it seems they are doing something about it.

Recently MyYearbook contacted the Delaware Child Predator Task Force to inform them that they believe a man was impersonating a teen on their site in order to get explicit images of underage girls.

Investigators in Delaware arrested 45-year-old Steven Cox of Seaford, Delaware. Cox allegedly admitted to posing as a 14 or 15-year-old boy and to exposing himself online to underage females.

While MyYearbook may be doing something to combat the predators on their site I still wouldn’t let a child or teen use their site. Like I said, it seems that MyYearbook and Craigslist have become the new online homes to the creepers.

Dover, Delaware dumbfucks deny dropping daughter

James Schulz and Amber Caldwell

Police: Dover couple accused of repeatedly abusing baby:

(Oh hell, I already cursed. And dropping is an understatement but it worked with the alteration.)

Cletus and Brandine up there are 21-year-old James Schulz and 19-year-old Amber Caldwell. Up until about a week ago they had a 3-month-old daughter. They don’t have her anymore.

Police say that the pair of yokels took their daughter to the hospital with ‘injuries’. They claimed that the injuries were from ‘a fall’. Schulz allegedly said that the girl fell on to the concrete floor while he was upstairs. Where the hell were they living, a two-story garage?

You tell me if these are the injuries of a fall…

The baby had large contusions to her nose, forehead, both eyes, the right side of her face and to her left ear, according to court records.

Granted my medical knowledge is limited but I think a 3-month-old baby would need to fall about a hundred times for those injuries to be sustained. But as they say on TV, but wait, there’s more…

On the right side of the baby’s face, there appeared to be fingerprint marks on her cheek as if someone had squeezed her face, which was swollen, police said in court records.

Now my forensics knowledge is as limited as my medical knowledge but to me that sound like he palmed her head like a basketball and threw her. Let’s go to the professionals for a comment.

Doctors determined from the examination that the injuries were not consistent with the father’s story, police said.

They are however consistent with mine. Allegedly Schulz later admitted to police that he threw the baby because she wouldn’t stop crying. The baby landed on the bed then bounced off onto the concrete floor and continued to slide along the floor. Holy hell. I can’t even imagine the amount force that he must have used to inflict that kind of trauma. In my time I have been plenty angry before and have done some pretty stupid things like punching cars and walls and throwing inanimate objects so hard that they shatter but I don’t think that I could ever muster up that kind of anger and violence towards another human being yet someone so defenseless.

When the (thumbs through the BB Thesaurus of Nasty Words) Skank Anchor, or skanchor if you please, was interviewed by police she said that they have been having arguments about how he ‘handles the baby’. Listen bitch, if you have ONE argument about how he handles the baby and he doesn’t learn after that he’s not exactly at the deep end of the gene pool. Her ass is in jail too police say that she also took place in prior abuse.

Anyway back to Hilljack. What I think ‘they’ should do is get the biggest, meanest MMA fighter they can like Brock Lesnar and have the guy palm his fucking melon and repeatedly smash it against a concrete floor until he is sliding across it and his face becomes a gelatinous pulp.

Thanks to AJ for the tip.

David Hart sentenced

David Hart

David Hart

I originally posted about David Hart here and here.

He was the 37-year-old guy from Wilmington, Delaware who drove to Allentown, Pa., which is not a short trip, to pick up a 14-year-old girl he met over MySpace and her 12-year-old brother. While back in Delaware Hart and the girl had sex at his place while the boy played video games.

Even though Wilmington is a short trip over the Pa. state line it’s still crossing state lines.

Hart also tried having a friend delete his MySpace account when it was noticed the girl was missing. Anyway, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his misdeeds.

The local U.S. Attorney is acting like this is some big feat.

“It is our hope that today’s sentence raises the level of awareness of this danger in the community and serves as a warning to those who choose to engage in this conduct.”

Hart will be 47 when he gets out. Plenty young enough to re-offend. If this is the maximum federal sentence that these scumbags can get than the laws need to be changed.

Del. Breeders accused of drowning newborn

Smyrna couple charged with murdering newborn:

It’s very rare to hear of a couple killing their newborn. I hate to say it ladies but it’s usually the mothers. There was famous case of couple infanticide in the pre-blog days I believe however the details escape me at the time.

Anyway, hipster douchebag and the woman potato over there are 27-year-old Dereke Moore and 28-year-old Jeanne Moore of Smyrna, Delaware.

They are accused of drowning their new born back in November and throwing the body in the trash. They claimed that the baby was born stillborn back in November. Forensics say that the baby was born alive and drowned in the toilet after Spudzilla gave birth in the bathroom. Police say that Mr. Moore threw the body into a trash bin at his place of work.

I wonder if she allowed the baby to drown first before telling her husband.

Thanks to Suzanne for the tip.

Del. teens beaten with hammer by bad boyfriend

Teens recovering from brutal attack:

We don’t hear a lot out of Delaware. I guess because it’s only 3 counties long. Yet it seems like an eternity when you drive from tip to tip but that’s just me. And usually we don’t hear about bad boyfriends abusing teens yet here we are on both counts.

38-year-old Wayne Jones of Houston, Delaware was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s children, ages 13 and 16, with a hammer in a vacant home. He’s also accused of raping the 16-year-old girl.

Jones took the two to a vacant home next to his parents’ house in the first block of Jackson St. Jones went inside the home with the boy. His sister went to check on them because they had been in the home a long time. The girl said Jones told her that her brother was playing in the living room and when she went to look for him, Jones hit her from behind with a blunt object.

The girl told investigators that Jones then dragged them into a car and drove to an apartment where he formerly lived. That’s where he allegedly raped her and told her that he would hurt her family if she told anybody.

Jones’ lame story is that he took the kids to get ice cream at midnight and that when he saw the door to his old apartment open he was attacked by two men who also attacked the kids.

Ice cream at midnight in January in Delaware. Nope, I’m not buying it.

The boy is currently on a ventilator while the girl was treated and released.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Couple leave infant in flaming car

johnsonscottPolice: Couple left infant in burning car:

Two saved from car fire arrested:

23-year-old Donna Johnson and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Cleveland Scott, were both pulled from a flaming car on I-95 in Newport, Delaware. When asked by the good Samaritans that pulled them out if there was anyone else in the car they allegedly said that there wasn’t.

Except when the Samaritans looked in the car they saw the couple’s 6-month-old baby. Luckily they were able to pull the baby out of the car unharmed.

Along with child neglect charges Johnson was also charged with driving under the influence. That may have been a no-brainer considering Johnson allegedly pulled over then went back on the interstate with the car still on fire.

Scott was also arrested on child endangerment charges.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think that if most parents were pulled from a flaming car they would be going nuts trying to get their baby from the car.

I can only imagine what idiotic reason they may have had for leaving their baby in a flaming car.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.