Breeder leaves kid home for 5 hours while ‘at the doctor’

Seriously. What's up with the eyebrows?

Florida Mother Arrested After 4-Year-Old Son, Left Home Alone, Calls 911:

Boy, 4, left home alone:

Sharpie McEyebrows over there is 25-year-old Jocelyn Villot of Deltona, Florida. Unlike West Virginia I do have an actual grudge against the state of Florida but that’s neither here no there. Villot was arrested after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old son home alone for 5 hours.

Villot told her son that she was going to the doctor and to pick up beer. After a while the 4-year-old called 911 looking for his mom. Police say that Villot was at a local pharmacy trying to fill a prescription that had no signature on it.

Trench has a theory on this. It sounds like to me that she went shopping from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to see if they would fill the unsigned script. No word on what it was for but Trench’s guess is that it contained the term oxy in it and I don’t mean OxyClean even though it looks like she could use some of that too.

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

Boy tied up for running away

Cops: Boy Bound As Form Of Punishment:

35-year-old Jonathan Viera and his main squeeze, 25-year-old Jennifer Terrell, were both arrested by police in Deltona, Florida for tying up Viera’s teen son on a couch with zip ties securing his ankles and wrists.

Why did they tie him up you may ask? Why for running away of course. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? If by perfect you mean no sense then yes.

The teen had help from another boy who lived in the house who cut the zip ties for him.

I wonder what they did before to make him run away in the first place.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.