Would be school shooter identified, may have been ‘teased’ about hair

Would be school shooter identified, may have been 'teased' about hair

The window that was shot out at Dennis Intermediate School.

The 14-year-old who took his own life after exchanging gunfire with police at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana, has been identified as Brandon Clegg. Clegg had attended Dennis Intermediate but transferred to a different intermediate school. One of his former classmates said that Clegg wasn’t bullied but was teased about his hair.

So, if we were to take information at face value so far, Clegg allegedly stole his father’s guns, held his father hostage and made him drive Clegg to the school where Clegg was bent on killing people at a school he used to attend where people may have teased him about his hair.  Then, since his mom tipped off police, he took his own life when confronted by police because he was supposedly teased about his hair at a school he used to attend.  That’s the most Rube Goldberg-like way top rationalize committing mass murder. As I’ve said multiple times before, we’re raising generation after generation of emotional marshmallows whose only reaction to any kind of adversity is to reach for the coward’s weapon.

Speaking of which, I have yet to hear how Clegg was able to easily obtain his father’s firearms. I’m guessing that Clegg probably didn’t have to be a master locksmith to get the guns.

Suspect dead after attempted Indiana school shooting

Suspect dead after attempted Indiana school shooting

Early yesterday, in Richmond, Indiana, an unnamed 14-year-old suspect took his own life after his alleged plans to commit a school shooting were foiled. Law enforcement received a tip that the gunman was planning an attack on Dennis Intermediate School.

The gunman reportedly found the school locked and shot out the window to the door in order to gain access to the school. Instead of finding victims he was met by Richmond Police, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, and the Indiana State Police. After a brief exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police, the suspect was said to have taken his own life. Reports state that the gunman’s home has been searched but no details of the search have been officially released. So far no motive has been given or how the 14-year-old had access to firearms. No other injuries were reported.

News station Fox 59 is reporting that they’ve spoken to the father of the suspect and two familiar themes have emerged.

“He said, ‘No I’m actually his father’ and he was telling me how his son had been bullied and they took him out of school and they thought he was doing well. But he thinks he’s been planning this for a while,” said Lewis. “He just said his son took all of his guns this morning and told him he didn’t take him, wherever, he said if he didn’t take him he was going to kill him too.

In case you can’t guess the recurring themes, we have the instant excuse of bullying and that the guns in the home didn’t seem to be stored responsibly.  However, reports are early, and in cases like this, are subject to change. More often than not, claims of bullying by school shooters often turn out to be false due to their overinflated senses of entitlement.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the suspect was not a student of the school. They also quoted the Mayor of Richmond, Dave Snow, who had this to say…

But he called the shooting “yet another example of gun irresponsibility, poor mental health awareness and access” that too often leads to youths committing school shootings.

“This is only going to continue until concrete action is taken so that guns do not fall into the hands of our kids,” Snow said. “The irresponsibility that leads to a child walking into a school with a gun is unacceptable.”

It’s refreshing to see a politician who is actually knowledgeable about situations like this.

WHIO says that federal agents seized computers and gun boxes from the suspect’s home.

And again we have the prerequisite “It can’t happen here” quote from ABC News…

“You wouldn’t think [in] a small town like Richmond this would happen,” one grandmother who raced to the scene told WRTV. “I don’t know what’s wrong with this new generation.”

Again, if you look at the history of the worst school shootings in America they happened in smaller towns like Littleton, Colorado, Newtown, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida. Additionally, in my opinion, it’s not just this generation that’s completely to blame but the generation that raised them as well since the older generation seemed more concerned with being cool parents rather than being real parents. Add to that that many of those parents think getting proper mental healthcare for their kids is some kind of weakness not just for their kids but the parent as well.

I’ll try to post more updates as they become available and time allows.

However, before I go, please allow me to ask you a question. How many of you had not heard of this particular shooting until you saw this blog post? Please leave your answer in the comments.

UPDATE: WTHR is reporting that witnesses claimed the shooter forced a male relative to drive him to the school while the shooter’s mother was the one who tipped off police about the potential attack. This coincides with the above quote from Fox 59 where a man claiming to be the shooter’s father said the shooter had threatened him at gunpoint.

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