Formal indictments in Donna Hazing

Teens face judge for formal indictment in Donna hazing case:

The four former players of the Donna High School football team that were indicted for felony sexual assault and indecency with a child appeared before a judge today and were formally arraigned…

Derick Anthony Castillo, 18; Jacob Leal, 17; Manuel Josue Rivera, 19; and Raynardo Jaime Magallanes, 19, appeared separately with their attorneys before 332nd state District Judge Mario Ramirez. All pleaded not guilty to accusations they sexually assaulted five teenage boys under the age of 17 during four separate incidents from Aug. 7, 2004, to Feb. 15, 2005. They were indicted on the charges Sept. 8 and each now faces an Oct. 11 pre-trial hearing date.

The charges stem from a hazing incident where the four are accused of assaulting freshmen ages 14 and 15 by slapping around their genitals and trying to insert their latex-gloved fingers into their asses. I can’t wait to hear the defense.

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Indictments in Donna High Hazing

Ex-Donna athletes indicted:

Indictments have been handed down in the Donna High School hazing scandal out of Donna, Texas. If you remember several members of the Donna High School football team were arrested for pulling off a freshman player’s pants, slapping around his package and trying to stick their latex-gloved fingers up his ass. Well Derick Anthony Castillo, 18; Jacob Leal, 17, Manuel Josue Rivera, 19, and Raynardo Jaime Magallanes, 19, have all been indicted on charges of felony sexual assault and indecency with a child. They’re looking at various sentences ranging from 2 years to 20.

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Texas Report on Donna Hazing

TEA report on former Donna coach telling:

This another follow-up to the hazing scandal that has been going on in Donna, Texas and the subsequent cover-up. The Texas Education Agency released a report slamming the Donna athletic programs and upholding the Donna School Board’s decision to fire athletic director and head football coach David Evans. It turns out that the incident that resulted in Evans’ firing wasn’t the first…

… female coaches were intimidated, certain athletes were given preferential treatment, and numerous occasions of “sexual exhibitionist behavior” and “assaultive behavior” were never reported to school authorities or law enforcement.

“The practice of hazing/sexual assault went on for several years,” the report says. “(One of the victims) knows this because he fell victim to the practice in the years past.”

And one of the perpetrators in the latest assault, star quarterback Derick Castillo, had previously been addressed by Coach Evans about his “sexual behavior”.

So another sexual predator is allowed to roam the halls free all in the name of athletics.

Texas Hazing and Cover-Up

Donna athletes arrested for alleged hazing:

Again I have to ask what the hell is wrong with student-athletes? This time we have a case in Donna Texas of 3 Donna High School football players, Jacob Leal, 17, Reynaldo Magallanes, 18, and Derick Castillo, 18, who sexually assaulted a freshman player. They allegedly got the poor kid in the locker room showers pulled off his pants, slapped around his genitals, and tried to give him a UFIA* by inserting their latex-gloved fingers into his anus. But it gets better. It turns out that Donna High School’s athletic director and head football coach, David Evans, may have been telling people involved to keep quiet. Nothing like telling people to keep quiet about a sexual assault all in the name of football. Like I’ve said before with all the forced, sodomy, teabagging and the like how long will it be before we have full-blown man on man rapes in our high school locker rooms in the name of hazing?

*Unsolicited finger in the anus.