Canadian craigslist creeper caught in Calgary

Derrick Allan Hamilton

Derrick Allan Hamilton

Man allegedly groomed city boys for sex over ‘Net, say cops:

46-year-old Derrick Allan Hamilton of Vernon, BC (not AD) has been arrested for allegedly grooming teenage boys that he met through craigslist.

Police in Calgary say that Hamilton placed an ad on craigslist that was almost blatantly asking for sex with young boys. They also say that he had at l;east two victims, one that was 13 and another that was 14.

Hamilton allegedly got them to pose for explicit pictures and videos over their webcams. Police also say that he had sexual contact with one of his victims.

Hamilton was busted when one of his victims told his parents.

Speaking of parents, no 13 or 14-year-old boy needs a webcam in an unsupervised area. Also parents need to do a better job of monitoring their kids’ activities online. If you’re reading this you should know that craigslist is no place for any child.