Baby sitter raped 6-year-old, mom didn’t care

Two face charges:

Comanche teen charged with raping 6-year -old:

18-year-old Derrik Johnathan Weatherly is accused of anally raping a six-year-old girl at least four times. Weatherly was allegedly baby sitting the girl at the time for the girl’s mother. He is known to the commmunity as being mentally ill and violent.

The girl’s mother, 30-year-old Brenda Romine of Duncan, Okla., didn’t believe her own daughter.

It wasn’t until the girl was taken to the hospital that the rapes came to light. The girl gave a very detailed description of Weatherly’s junk and how the rapes took place.

Weatherly admitted to the rapes and Romine has also been charged for enabling the abuse.

Now this is pure speculation on my part but it sounds like that maybe mom was doing the mentally ill and violent baby sitter. I mean why else would she not believe her own daughter unless she was sticking up for her penis. How does a 6-year-old make up a story about being repeatedly anally raped?

Thanks to Stephanie for the tip.